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21 May, 2010

The New Stuff....from previous purchases!!...Now, the Sale goes ON!!

Everyone is talking about sales ... on Nordi., Bergdorf Goodman, ... oh, I should say pre-sale!

After I bought this YSL "tortora" tribute sandals, I am so happy about its iridescent silver/taupe color and being a very versatile heels for me since day 1. ^O^ Let alone they are the most comfortable platform I had!!

Good news for me is this color won't go on sale just yet..... that being said: a bad news for gals who are waiting for them go on sale!!

My suggestion? Get one pair of your size when they still have in stock and maybe do price-adjustment later on if it really goes on sale!!!  


Another good news for me is that Pei dissuades me from buying Christian Louboutine Greissimo in black and white damask fabric in full price so today, I will be able to score them w/ sale price of 40% off. Hooray~~ 
If lucky enough, I even can bring them back to Taipei w/ me on June 3rd in advance!!

Picture credit to a fellow blogger: PurseAddict

It has been a while since the last time I wore "trousers".  So, today is the day!!


1. Top:  
  • Mara Haffman gray/pleats spaghetti strap cami.
  • Max & Co. taupe/brown bomber leather jacket
2. Bottom: BCBG 

3. Accessory: 
  • Proenza Shouler yellow PS1 clutch
  • yellow flower leather ring 
  • H&M grayish/greenish knitting scarf 
  • Marc Jacobs avaitor sunglasses
4. Shoes: YSL Tortora tribute platform sandals

Coincidently, my leather jacket is the same color spectrum as YSL heels. 

You know, I always dissemble the price of those fancy shoes when DH asked about them...but now, not for the CL Greissimo platform anymore. :U

Recently, I found myself liking gray, turquoise and yellow colors a lot...and I am glad they all work harmony altogether.

Wish you score very good deals!! 
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Your YSL pumps are indeed of a very versatile color and very practical too - unlike with say white shoes that need to be creesply clean to be worn in public lol Love your clutch too!!

Mona P said...

What a wonderful score on those Christian Loubotin shoes! They are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for summer!

Do you have any idea which YSL tributes might be going on sale? I am still waiting to hear from my YSL SA. I am looking for the ones with lower heel, can't wear the high heeled ones at all.

As for Chanel camelia flip-flops, I am still undecided because of the price here in US. I might be going to London soon and they are only 170 pounds (including tax) there, which is roughly 245 dollars. I mean they might be sold out by the time I get there, but I think I am willing to take that chance :)

By the way, love the way your jacket looks with your heels!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Julia: thanks.
Are you eyeing any heels?

Oh, I try my best to keep my white heels "clean" and "white" but ..hum... if they really get ugly one day, I will toss them away, we all need new shoes, so to speak. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Mona: I heard my SA mentioned that black one is going on sale...(the patent black?) you should just go try everything and bug your SA about which ones goes on sale. :P

Right, the flip flops...hum, the price in USA is really a pain in the A**, but I don't LOOK BACK for what I had paid since I heart the rose color and elegance of them very much!!! :)
But indeed good luck to your hunting in London!!! ^O^

We are planning to visit Italy after our Taipei trip but not sure if we can make it by summer ends...otherwise, we will delay the trip till October when all the tourists are gone. :)

Mona P said...

Thanks for the tip about black patent YSLs!

About the camelia flip-flops, as of right now, London is completely sold out of black and have only small sizes in pink. But here in US you can always find all the colors and all the sizes. So you should definitely feel good about buying yours! The price might be higher in US but there is also a lot more choice and stock in US than in Europe.

Italy sounds wonderful, I've been only to Rome about 5 years ago. I loved every minute of it, probably my favorite vacation to this day!

If you ask me, I think it is definitely best to avoid all the tourist craze in the summer. We were there in November and really enjoyed it.

susanh98 said...

Uuyyyy the black patent is going on sale? Where???? I want it but I always have hard time finding my size during sale season because I have small feet 5.5 :(. If u c please let me know ok ok? I love your taupe one too bad is not going on sale....sigh...
Were u lucky enough to score the CL's?.
Your whole outfit looks so Fab! Especially that nice pop of color.
Oh I'm so excited I'll be going to tpe too!! :)
Have a nice rest of the weekend!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Susan:

When is your flight? all of my friends as I said are flocking back..haha..

Oh, it will be on sale at Nordi. You should def. call your SA to track one for you. The black...but now I am not so sure if it is black patent... I thought that style goes on sale last year!!! hum..

Thanks, you are always so sweet!! :)


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