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14 May, 2010

The Cropped ...

Dressed in cropped pants is super relaxed and it flatters almost every types of figures. And if you pair it w/ nice heels or dressy shoes, and a fitted blazer/jacket, you can kick up a notch for your look!!

Over the years, I had amassed quite a collection of pants!! When I realized that I don't wear some of them, I'd find a way to make good use for their after-life....such as donate them or even alternate them to give them a new look.  ^O^

This was an original boot-cut Max-Mara weekend pants and now it is a NEW cuffed cropped pants!

Top: Kain label slate pocket tank, Splendid gray cardi., Y-3 cropped wrinkle jacket
Bag: Chanel LTD metallic navy striped reissue 227
Shoes: Nicolas kirkwood teal peep-toe


You probably get tired of this y-3 big pocket cropped pants...but I just like it so much and had to wear it as often as I can. :P


Top: J crew mix patterned shirt
Mcginn cropped blazer
Bottom: Y-3 pants
Shoes: Anne Valerie Hash brogues flat
Accessory: "Tie" taken from a cotton belt of M Mission dress 

Have a nice Friday evening!!
xoxo Rachel


Betsy C. said...

Rachel - I really like your interpretation of menswear! So you have a different kind of facial expression in these set of modeling pics. You almost don't look like you for a bit.

Those Y3 pants are very versatile and cool. I've seen a few variations on the runway and I have to say you wear it very well.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy, thanks. I got your email and have not had time to reply. I am glad the mugs work well for you!!!! I believe the owl print is vivid and pretty too!!

Oh, y-3 is going to close their boutique at Santana row and maybe you want to check out some stuff...I am not sure if they still exit there since I got the mail like last week or so. Their stuff w/ 70%off is really a good deal..

hehe.. I am trying to be COOL in the picture. :P

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh I love the first ensemble especially! Love the look of your teal heels with the teal nail polish! Or isn't it teal? Looks liek it to me!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Julia, thanks. how are you, gotta go check out what's to thank-for today!! ^O^
yes, it is navy polish and it is about time to get a new manicure as well.

have a good weekend.


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