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22 April, 2014

Hear Fashion, Breath Style: From Pleated Skirt to Man's Suit.

I am a make-up artist for a TV production currently which we almost finish our first episode. I can't reveal what it is but I can tell you it is an interesting life style of documentary film in San Francisco. And to tell you some more, it is not fashion but it is certainly an omnipresent trend in the big cities. Just like Fashion, we see it everyday and we wear it everyday except some has superb style, some is still evolving his/her way trying to find a personal look of him/herself. 

I am grateful for being able to do whatever I am passionate about and I am also grateful that I don't have to compromise myself to earn a living through million other ways and struggle. But I do hope I can be great at what I am enthusiastic about and eventually make a living out of it. We are trying our best doing self-improving everyday, right???? I hope you keep up your dreams and never go far from it. 

By the way, dress-up to please is almost my staple, so I am not sure I am into "man-repellent" look at all ... maybe I should try it out and you let me know what you think?? ha~ 

I am not sure if I was doing stripes clashing or black n' white clashing or simply geometric clashing. Whatever it is, I love it.  :) 

Dries Van Noten shirt from past season which I always am fascinated about its versatility of pairing with my million other things. 

In reality, I change off CL heels and wears my leather hand-embellished studded Converse instead. 

This was Easter weekend's look. Suddenly I feel like dress up in casual suit even on the weekend. But I think the peplum Rochas top made the look not so serious but more feminine side. 

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