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05 April, 2014

Pre-Spring Coat!

Suddenly the temperature just dropped in North California and I finally had the chance to lather myself in long coat again. I think Styles is like a particular muscle functioning in your body, the more you exercise it, the better it reacts, right?? I realized one thing that no matter how hard I tried to make my looks toward minimalist, I always end up with something that elaborates a sophisticated style in me. Well, it is ME, being consistent is good, right?? Since I become so busy the beginning of this year, I couldn't update my blogs much. Like I said, my fashion muscle still function well and I never let being stylish slips far from me.  

BTW, I had a new rule for myself: I can only buy 3 pairs of new shoes in each season, and I already max it out! Well, it's all worth the splurge though. Let's see if I can wait until Summer.... it's another new season, right? 

  1. I adore this Marni cocoon sleeves coat very much and don't you think this look is forever decadent!!?

2. I am a huge fan of all shades of green and I don't mind wearing a froggy color on me at all. 
( photo: Internet )

Comme des Garçons, Christian Louboutin, Aquilano Rimondi metallic (mini)skirt 

I think I am genius here that I managed to pull the huge sleeve outside the long sleeves. Feminine scallop sleeves~ ha~ 

3. Either black and gray or black and white together are always so powerful yet so classic! 
 (photo: Internet) 

 J Crew blazer, Tom Ford lace top with open back, Tom Ford two toned skirt, Valentino Rockstuds heels, Alexander McQueen clutch 

Have fun with your styles!
xoxo Rachel 


Jane said...

love the Marni coat, especially the color, I think it'll go with everything!

Pret a Porter P said...

the last outfit is especially glamourous


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