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28 April, 2015

Denim over Denim

Feels like summer, I know,  it is hard to believe NoCal. weather can be this friendly in April. After a trip down to Palm Spring, SoCal., I really miss the cooler breeze in NoCal. The breeze might be cruel to my legs but I certainly love it embracing my bare arms. I love  high-waisted jeans and this number from RedValentino never fails me. 

I was standing outside Sushirrito in Palo Alto and it was closed on Sundays. While I took pic. for my ODJ, there are several customers came in disappointment not knowing their business hours. I promised to myself that I have to try this restaurant in the next couple of days. Then there is the yummy pic. of Shrimp tempura and yellow tuna shusi-burrito. Give it a try if you are around! 

Marni bustier, RedValentino, Hermes horn necklace, earrings, Bottega Veneta bag, Fendi Kooky monster. 

My Style Icon in Fashion World : Taylor Tomasi-Hill!

First, I have to chit chat since it has been forever that I update my blogs!! Sorry, my global friends that I miss you very much too. (Does anyone even notice... that I am gone missing in action... :P ) 

Oh well, life is so dynamic that I have to make sure I am not behind in fashion, in yoga world, in acting, ...... in shopping.. lol..  You now what, I can do forearm press kickover now. I practice Yoga religiously and finally it all paid off... progress, y'all. Impressive??? Me too. I never know that I have that kind of strength and ability until my yoga teacher pointed out and had me trying it. Hooray~ At least I am having a progress in every little aspect in my life.

I probably will slowly update my blogs from what I had posted on my Instagram. So bare with me if you have seem them on Insta. but I assure you I will have something new too. 

Now back to business. Fashion idol, I don't think I ever mentioned about it. Since when I was little, I developed very slowly in turn of finding myself an idol or icon or whatever that influences me a lot other than my parents. Everyone is unique in his/her own way and that's why I always think it is better to groom myself to be ME, the one and only. But seriously, who wouldn't need a mentor or some sort of idol to look up to eventually, right?? So, there, Taylor Tomasi-Hill. I find her extremely elegant and fun and ease in everything she wear. She doesn't look like she is trying to be an avant-garde to me, but she is!! I even thought of dying my hair orange!!!! hee....hee.... 

I was inspired by her pencil skirt look the other day so I thought I will brainstorm mine from my own wardrobe. 

(pic.  Internet)

Sandro bustier top, Shine jean shirt, Aqua By Aqua metallic pencil skirt,  Stella McCartney jacqueline blazer, Marni cosmetic bag, Balenciaga studs wedge, Karen Walker sunglasses 

Miss you much~
xoxo Rachel 


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