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28 February, 2013

My Classic Moment!

Every year, I would invest a piece of Chanel RTW if not every season. Thanks to my Chanel SA that he keeps this dress till the last call so I can score it very EASILY! ^O^  Well, I like little black dress and especially an intricate one. The light tweed, middle zipper and long version of the skirt certainly differentiates itself from rest of the world. 

Chanel, always classic!!

 photo IMG_2499_zps1ea1328c.jpg

 photo IMG_2523_zps0e95483a.jpg
Yu and I are at the same page that we both are into midi-length skirt trend. 

Have a classic moment.
xoxo Rachel 

26 February, 2013

Tatcha Revitalizing Eye Cream and Skin Mist Review!

I have been religiously applied Tatcha's Revitalizing eye cream both day and night for almost a month now and I absolutely love it!  At first I feel the texture of the eye cream is so dense that I am afraid that it will leave my under eye skin with fatty lumps but it didn't.  (Thanks, Tatcha! lol)  As a matter of fact, because of its natural ingredients of Peony, Lonicera Japonica Leaf Extra....... it quickly absorbs into my skin after I patted the cream around my eye contour. 

Tatcha's Revitalizing eye cream says it can decreases the appearance of puffiness, dark circle and eye spot, and this is the product does what it says it will do. My major concern about the skin around my eyes is puffiness, but after I use Tatcha's eye cream, I no longer have to apply tea bags, ice or even rush to pour myself a cup of coffee in the morning to de-puff them. Another major reason I love about this product is it's packed with HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. What's in that complex is Green tea, Algae, and rice barn according to Tatcha's website.  And I have been reading a lot about the phenomenal effect of polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant. Not only do I drink more tea to fight against free radicals, now I have Tatcha's revitalizing eye cream packed with polyphenols for my eyes to reverse the premature sign of aging. Never did I feel so protected and loved for my eyes before I found Tatcha's revitalizing eye cream. 

How wonderful it is to have a pair of brightened and youthful looking of eyes, right? 

One new product I tried is their Skin Mist which I carried it with me all the time. Personally, I just love the thoughts of being able to replenish my skin everywhere, anytime. I cannot stress enough how important it is to hydrate your skin in order for your skin to keep up that elastic and dewy look. Trust me, you will thank me later! 
(PS. The product is provided by Tatcha for free to me.) 

 photo IMG_1776_zps520d789c.jpg

 photo IMG_2191_zps80d28a8c.jpg
I tried to squelch my eyes to show wrinkles...but there is NONE. ^O^

 photo IMG_2189_zpsee5810f3.jpg
Tatcha Revitalizing Eye Cream 

 photo IMG_3495_zps40835b58.jpg
Now you really need to give yourself a chance to experience this wonder product! 

Love yourself like no other. 
xoxo Rachel 

20 February, 2013

Spring 2013 My Must Have!

I don't think I would only covet those listed here but since I cannot have everything, I at least can try something that I might enjoy wearing them this spring/summer 2013. Some of the looks might be so inspiring that they even prevail the trend all the way into fall 2013! 

One interesting thing is the skirt is longer and longer each season while the shorts is shorter and shorter. Ha~ Pick your look, now this way, please!!! 

1. 3D floral 

pic. Dries Van Noten Spring 2013

2. Sculptured skirt / short 

Pic. Prada Spring 2013

3. Classic Biker


4. Head to toe unified look/pattern/color/prints

5. New Classic black n' White dress (Never tired of LBD) 

6. Printed Pump
pic. taken from glamazondiaries

7. Strong suit, futuristic.... sash, ...lace... aw..everything! 

pic. Haider-Ackermann Spring 2013

8. Lux Lace all the way to Fall 2013

Pic. Ederm Spring 2013

9. Black and white modern warrior 

Pic. Alexander Wang Spring 2013

10. Metallic futuristic galaxy 

Pic. taken

Nail your looks. 
xoxo Rachel 

16 February, 2013

Printed Futuristic!

Prints is still big this year, and in fact, it is outrageous from head to toe.  But as opposed to do a head to toe printed look, I really enjoy wearing BLACK. sounds so not me, right??? Maybe my personality is changing or evolving, who knows?  ^O^ Well, I am going to recycle my old black clothes and work it with my printed number or better yet, my new accessory - Jimmy Choo silver-gold perforated heels.  Looking fresh, am I not!!?? 

 photo IMG_3215_zpsc5539162.jpg

 photo IMG_2285_zpsb1d35909.jpg
Karl lace collar add-on L'agence no-collar black shirt  

 photo IMG_2273_zpsb0b06cec.jpg
An up-to-date futuristic look!

Try printed number on classic black!
Have a good Sunday. 
xoxo Rachel 

14 February, 2013

Futuristic- Fabulous Jimmy Choo!

Gold and silver accessory always look so edgy, especially silver or gold mirrored heels. I have couple gold and silver-accent heels, and surprisingly, they're very easy to work with everything in my wardrobe. Well, guess I am a color person and nothing could scare me.  Besides, don't we all need to appreciate life and derive as much as we can from personal acquisition?!!! Ha~  

Happy Valentine's!!!! 

 photo IMG_3130_zpsf9569789.jpg
Jimmy Choo spring 2013

 photo IMG_2255_zps3cf79f8e.jpg
Derek Lam cashmere tank, Suzuki Takayuki metallic gold cropped vest, Carven sleeveless trench, Suzuki Takayuki harem silk pants, Hermes Picotin, Hermes Picotin, earrings, Collier de Chien, doll scarf (worn on the waist), Jimmy Choo heels. 

 photo IMG_2254_zpsc668f0e8.jpg

Have a good weekend ahead. 
xoxo Rachel 

10 February, 2013

Green for Valentine!!

It is almost Valentine and I found myself a perfect Valentine gift. ( I know, it sounds lame but..... it is the prefect timing for buying a new bag.) It is perfect in a sense that we are going to visit Marseille, Paris...etc in France soon and I always carry messenger bag while I travel without exception. Another perfect note is this Hermes jypsiere bag is somewhat troublesome to get in and out with that big flap and straps so I am sure the pickpocket won't spot on me. (knocking on the wood right now...) 

Hopefully the weather is warmer in France by then. I think this Menthe/Mint color on this Hermes Jypsiere is the 3rd perfect note for the upcoming spring time, as cheerful as spring's blossom!!! France, here I come!!!!!

 photo IMG_2963_zps14a89c17.jpg

 photo IMG_2965_zps3f0dc087.jpg
I really enjoy the compartments inside this bag!

 photo IMG_2964_zpsc912c14c.jpg
Hermes Jypsiere 34 CM in Menthe/Gris Tortoise 2 tones

 photo IMG_2971_zps8301b6a3.jpg
Karl plush sweater w/ cut-out in the back, Massimo Dutti white shirt with contrast trim/bow, Adriano Goldschmied skinny jeans, Charlotte Olympia Venetian suede pump, Hermes Jypsiere 34 CM in Menthe/Gris Tortoise 2 tones

Love to travel~
xoxo Rachel 

06 February, 2013

Gluten-free Basil Lemon Chicken Meal.

Once a while I would like to cook a meal for myself and enjoy its nice presentation before I dig in.  Today's main course is Basil Lemon Chicken. I gathered that idea from doing grocery shopping. Normally the supermarket sells pre-packaged lemon basil chicken and I thought why don't I do that myself at home.  And since this is gluten-free meal, rest of the ingredients are carefully selected. 

Lemon basil chicken: Skinless and boneless chicken thighs, 1 lemon and extra slices, whole basil and chopped basil, dash salt and pepper, and some olive oil.

preheat oven 400F 

1. Quinoa
Use 2:1 liquid and quinoa ratio to cook quinoa for 20 mins. You will have a fluffy quinoa. 

2. Pan fry basil lemon chicken 2 mins in both side when you have that pretty brown coloring. Transfer chicken to a oven-proof dish and bake 15 mins. 

3. Heat Balsamic vinegar on the stove in "high" in the pan and whisk constantly to prevent burning (I use medium instead). Wait till it reduced its volumn like syrup. Set aside.  

4. Sauté' mushroom of your choice and season with salt and pepper. 

5. Boil Edemame and mix it with quinoa ( I don't season them but a little salt is fine.) 

6 Assemble freshly cut avocado, mushroom, chicken in one plate and place quinoa/Edemame salad in separated plate, and drizzle balsamic vinegar reduction on top of chicken before serve. 

Bon Appétit

Lemon basil chicken with balsamic vinegar reduction/quinoa + edamame salad/chef's mushroom/fresh avocado 

Eat Large, enjoy life!
xoxo Rachel 

02 February, 2013

Hermes Spring Scarf!

Speaking of new season's must-haves, spring scarf is one of the items in my shopping list. They are a fun adornment for any ordinary outfit. Well ,even the look like my outfit is intricate with all the design details, a spring scarf's pop color won't hurt to play a role either. 

I bought this Hermes dolly prints scarf from current season 2013 and I absolutely adore the dolls, hot air balloons and horsey prints on it. Small sized scarf is easy to play with the look that you don't have to think of a million ways to wear it, just wrap it on. Like me, just fold it diagonally and tie it in the back, no fuss, big impact!! Do you like it? ^O^

 photo IMG_2660_zps81d9c454.jpg

 photo IMG_2676_zps71bf6f10.jpg

 photo IMG_1946_zpsfeedff92.jpg
St. John (past season) sheer blouse, black cropped sweater, Vaguel Allegra taupe cotton/leather pants,  Max Mara quilted coat, Hermes horn necklace, Hermes 2012 leather bracelet, Chanel 227 metallic reissue 2008, Chloe taupe boots, Hermes spring dolly scarf

Get a spring scarf and wear it all year around. 
xoxo Rachel 


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