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02 February, 2013

Hermes Spring Scarf!

Speaking of new season's must-haves, spring scarf is one of the items in my shopping list. They are a fun adornment for any ordinary outfit. Well ,even the look like my outfit is intricate with all the design details, a spring scarf's pop color won't hurt to play a role either. 

I bought this Hermes dolly prints scarf from current season 2013 and I absolutely adore the dolls, hot air balloons and horsey prints on it. Small sized scarf is easy to play with the look that you don't have to think of a million ways to wear it, just wrap it on. Like me, just fold it diagonally and tie it in the back, no fuss, big impact!! Do you like it? ^O^

 photo IMG_2660_zps81d9c454.jpg

 photo IMG_2676_zps71bf6f10.jpg

 photo IMG_1946_zpsfeedff92.jpg
St. John (past season) sheer blouse, black cropped sweater, Vaguel Allegra taupe cotton/leather pants,  Max Mara quilted coat, Hermes horn necklace, Hermes 2012 leather bracelet, Chanel 227 metallic reissue 2008, Chloe taupe boots, Hermes spring dolly scarf

Get a spring scarf and wear it all year around. 
xoxo Rachel 

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