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31 August, 2012

A Corner for Servane Gaxotte....

I laid my eyes on Servane Gaxotte's necklaces for almost 2 or 3 years by now. It always has been a pleasure every time I saw them.  I admire Servane Gazotte's delicate work on both the dollies or animals figures, and especially adore those cute dresses and tutu skirts that she dressed on them. I bet you cannot help but swooning over those dangling little things once you see them!

Speaking of dedicated works, parenting counts one of them. The new school year just started and I finally had kids' everyday activity down on schedule. From Piano, tennis, gymnastics, ballet/tap dance, art, vocal, Chinese school..... you name it, we parents let kids explore them all until they find one as their passion. Hopefully, they can be persistent of what they picked and possibly be as good as a profession. 




"in" shirt with color blocking (Taiwan brand), Celine red pants, Hermes Croc. belt, Charlotte Olympia cat face black pump, Hermes bangle, Servane Gaxotte rabbit necklace, Proenza Schouler messenger bag  

Enjoy life and enjoy parenting.
xoxo Rachel 

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