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22 July, 2013


I noticed I wear flats a lot since the beginning of this year. I had Valentino rockstuds flats, and an addition of Charlotte Olympia libra sign flats this year. Now I am digging in more flats.  One of the reasons is probably now i am keen to practice yoga which emphasizes on good body alignment and posture which made me have stronger self-awarness when selecting my shoes. Another reason is flats are more and more attractive in their designs and versatility. They are so unbelievable fashionable. Nevertheless, heels are still invincible when you want that extra attitude or that extra height. Ha~ 

Here I found a pair which is Silver, love; Embroidery, love; Flat, love; Jenni Kayne, love, love, love!!! ^O^ 

xoxo Rachel 

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