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28 May, 2013

Paint colors!

I have been extremely busy these days as we bought a house at Los Altos Hills. The new house is amazingly spacious (for me, I would never image I will need all that space.). The previous owner did decent updates and remodel in 2005 so we only need to do a slightly face-lift for its exterior entrance and small revamps inside. It is always exciting when it comes to move into a new place, isn't it?!

So speaking of revamps, the most efficient way for me to give a house an instant character is NEW PAINT! I will show you a before and after picture once I am done with my house. There is this color, Dior Gray, from Benjamin Moore that I love so much in my old house that I am going to duplicate as an accent wall color in my new house. This way, I will always feel HOME anywhere I move. Don't you think so?

I am up for a challenge to do 2 colors in adjacent rooms in my house: living room and formal dining room. What I am planning is to have Dior gray on just one accent wall in the living room and pick a lighter gray to paint it entirely in my formal dining room.  Therefore, the flow of the color and space will not be cut off. What do you think? Good idea to tie 2 space together?? We will see!! 

 photo IMG_8387_zps6c42bf89.jpg
Pic. Houzz 

 photo IMG_8400_zps3942c33e.jpg
pic. Houzz

Have a fun home project!
xoxo Rachel 

24 May, 2013

Absolut: a teaser of Vodka Spec. commercial .

Absolut:[ FINISH THE TAGLINE ] Vodka Ad from Elliot Moore on Vimeo.

Laughters' night: Absolut!!! 

Have a laugh. 
xoxo Rachel 

18 May, 2013

The Libra, the blue, and the famous Charlotte Olympia!!

So the genius shoe brand Charlotte Olympia came up with this 12 signs loafers for us all fashionista. How cute they are, right?! 

At first, I had a hard time deciding whether should I wear my own sign on my feet ......( you know, those horoscopes really generalize humans in a certain way which I am neither into nor against. But I thought, hum, nay!!  As if I worn it, I would feel even more naked than I was in a bikini!  lol....)

There at the end, I really liked the baby blue and Libra design with what I think it is kind of as Charlotte Olympia's signature, Star, and I surrendered. 

 photo IMG_7774_zpsb48452d3.jpg

 photo IMG_7777_zpsc369cd4f.jpg

 photo IMG_8045_zpsd54cc19e.jpg

 photo IMG_3894_zps1625e14d.jpg

Have a good weekend.
xoxo Rachel 

12 May, 2013

Work your cute tee a lady appropriate look!

No one likes to be judged by their looks but certainly appreciate the fact that being asked for ID is a compliment when purchasing alcohol beverages. Well, at least I know I wouldn't mind, until they realize I am not a sophomore through ID.  You know, sometimes honesty could be cruelty to ourselves!    Ha~   

So, how do we work our cutest tee into a lady appropriate look? My instant solution is to add a blazer. Blazer works for everything, period. If you tell me you wear blazer in 10 years ago and you are tired of it already, then you have not yet experienced the wonder of a blazer!! So just give it a try on your most sophomoric tee and you will instantly see a magical transformation on yourself. Enjoy summer time with a graphic or printed tee like my rhino tank!!!  

 photo IMG_3885_zps87d2d7e2.jpg

 photo IMG_7591_zps28e09a22.jpg

Summer is for a cool tee. 
xoxo Rachel 

Happy Mother's day- a Ballet night!

My girl friends and I enjoyed an incredible evening yesterday as we went to see ballet "Rodin" by St. Petersburg Efiman Ballet. The story is about a romance but tangled with hatred, artsy, jealous.  As far as the choreography is concern, I was entirely penetrated by the intensive body movement and the dancer's despair facial expression all the way till the end. A great performance that you definitely can enjoy it twice. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-12at100136PM_zpse253a8c5.png

 photo IMG_7569_zps40baae7b.jpg
4 principles 

 photo IMG_7566_zpsca7349c5.jpg
Mary, Me and Elaine ( You can check out her own start-up company: Falosophie

Enjoy a special Mother's day!!
xoxo Rachel 

09 May, 2013

5/8/2013 French Laundry

It is suffice to say that pictures can do all the talking here. Before our reservation at French laundry in Yountville at 6 PM, we went to Bouchon Bakery to enjoy a glimpse of Paris pastry. 

At French Laundry, we did wine pairing and just to try different tastes of wine selection by their sommelier.  It is interesting to see all the glasses piled on our table and we couldn't help but had to take pic. of it.  I enjoy all the courses and wine pairing just bring out the best of each dish.  I guess it is their signature style that all the dishes are presented and cooked at its freshest flavor. I am a heavy taste eater and the entire night is like a challenge to my palate. But I am positive to say that I am very much satisfied that entire dinner I didn't add  single grain of salt nor pepper but simply enjoy every bite of my food that chef presented.  To our surprise that the manager gave us a kitchen tour at the end of our dinner. It is unquestionably a special night for 4 of us.  

 photo photo1-1_zps63127f9a.jpg

 photo IMG_7412_zpsf0ca87ee.jpg

 photo IMG_7411_zpscee0b07f.jpg

 photo IMG_7416_zps87ff7c34.jpg

 photo IMG_7419_zps62349f50.jpg

 photo IMG_7422_zpsa3ef3777.jpg

 photo IMG_7424_zpsa1928498.jpg

 photo IMG_7421_zpsc32b9a95.jpg

 photo IMG_7428_zpsc1868054.jpg
Sprinkle with truffle

 photo IMG_7420_zps3a910802.jpg

 photo 942339_10201176030745802_1136148916_n_zps62aec0c9.jpg

 photo IMG_7431_zpsd7457d7b.jpg

  photo IMG_7432_zps35249b44.jpg

 photo IMG_7429_zps27c5a00d.jpg

 photo 183081_10201176795924931_1214440043_n_zps48bb7397.jpg

 photo photo3-1_zpsfda5d738.jpg

 photo photo2-1_zps8f75b34a.jpg

 photo photo4-1_zps2e296065.jpg

 photo IMG_7352_zps8cc073b2.jpg
This is black truffle puree'.

 photo IMG_7349_zpsb60535f7.jpg

Enjoy your weekend ahead. 
xoxo Rachel 

07 May, 2013

It's almost Mother's day!!

Do you have a plan yet? You know, for Mother's day, Doh'~ 
It is better not an ordinary one! 
Of course, you will never guess it.  I had made a reservation at French Laundry restaurant in Napa, for me, hubby, my dear friend, Yu and her hubby!!! All 4 of us! 

Why 4? Why not just 2 of us! 

Well, because it is EASIER to get a 4 party table than 2 and because it is fun to enjoy a good meal with friends who EAT!!! Ha~ 

Plus, it is their 12 years anniversary too, it is well-worth the celebration. And since you might aware that how difficult it is people talk about getting a reservation at French Laundry, I thought we could make it really memorable by celebrating both Mother's day and Father's day altogether!! ^O^ Am I brilliant!!? 

 photo IMG_6583_zpsa00df1dc.jpg
Isn't this bike-turn-into-sink brilliant??

Plan your Mother's day special! 
xoxo Rachel 


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