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09 May, 2013

5/8/2013 French Laundry

It is suffice to say that pictures can do all the talking here. Before our reservation at French laundry in Yountville at 6 PM, we went to Bouchon Bakery to enjoy a glimpse of Paris pastry. 

At French Laundry, we did wine pairing and just to try different tastes of wine selection by their sommelier.  It is interesting to see all the glasses piled on our table and we couldn't help but had to take pic. of it.  I enjoy all the courses and wine pairing just bring out the best of each dish.  I guess it is their signature style that all the dishes are presented and cooked at its freshest flavor. I am a heavy taste eater and the entire night is like a challenge to my palate. But I am positive to say that I am very much satisfied that entire dinner I didn't add  single grain of salt nor pepper but simply enjoy every bite of my food that chef presented.  To our surprise that the manager gave us a kitchen tour at the end of our dinner. It is unquestionably a special night for 4 of us.  

 photo photo1-1_zps63127f9a.jpg

 photo IMG_7412_zpsf0ca87ee.jpg

 photo IMG_7411_zpscee0b07f.jpg

 photo IMG_7416_zps87ff7c34.jpg

 photo IMG_7419_zps62349f50.jpg

 photo IMG_7422_zpsa3ef3777.jpg

 photo IMG_7424_zpsa1928498.jpg

 photo IMG_7421_zpsc32b9a95.jpg

 photo IMG_7428_zpsc1868054.jpg
Sprinkle with truffle

 photo IMG_7420_zps3a910802.jpg

 photo 942339_10201176030745802_1136148916_n_zps62aec0c9.jpg

 photo IMG_7431_zpsd7457d7b.jpg

  photo IMG_7432_zps35249b44.jpg

 photo IMG_7429_zps27c5a00d.jpg

 photo 183081_10201176795924931_1214440043_n_zps48bb7397.jpg

 photo photo3-1_zpsfda5d738.jpg

 photo photo2-1_zps8f75b34a.jpg

 photo photo4-1_zps2e296065.jpg

 photo IMG_7352_zps8cc073b2.jpg
This is black truffle puree'.

 photo IMG_7349_zpsb60535f7.jpg

Enjoy your weekend ahead. 
xoxo Rachel 

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