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18 May, 2013

The Libra, the blue, and the famous Charlotte Olympia!!

So the genius shoe brand Charlotte Olympia came up with this 12 signs loafers for us all fashionista. How cute they are, right?! 

At first, I had a hard time deciding whether should I wear my own sign on my feet ......( you know, those horoscopes really generalize humans in a certain way which I am neither into nor against. But I thought, hum, nay!!  As if I worn it, I would feel even more naked than I was in a bikini!  lol....)

There at the end, I really liked the baby blue and Libra design with what I think it is kind of as Charlotte Olympia's signature, Star, and I surrendered. 

 photo IMG_7774_zpsb48452d3.jpg

 photo IMG_7777_zpsc369cd4f.jpg

 photo IMG_8045_zpsd54cc19e.jpg

 photo IMG_3894_zps1625e14d.jpg

Have a good weekend.
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Mother of Style said...

I'm with you- I couldn't commit to wearing my sign if there was another one I liked more. Pretty shoes!


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