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12 May, 2013

Work your cute tee a lady appropriate look!

No one likes to be judged by their looks but certainly appreciate the fact that being asked for ID is a compliment when purchasing alcohol beverages. Well, at least I know I wouldn't mind, until they realize I am not a sophomore through ID.  You know, sometimes honesty could be cruelty to ourselves!    Ha~   

So, how do we work our cutest tee into a lady appropriate look? My instant solution is to add a blazer. Blazer works for everything, period. If you tell me you wear blazer in 10 years ago and you are tired of it already, then you have not yet experienced the wonder of a blazer!! So just give it a try on your most sophomoric tee and you will instantly see a magical transformation on yourself. Enjoy summer time with a graphic or printed tee like my rhino tank!!!  

 photo IMG_3885_zps87d2d7e2.jpg

 photo IMG_7591_zps28e09a22.jpg

Summer is for a cool tee. 
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Fenny Yolanda said...

I love this casual look... So comfortable for me :)



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