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04 November, 2012

Biker chic~



Celine Biker jacket in Green, Coast fuchsia pleated maxi, M. Capton beige camisole. 

What a splurge on a couture biker jacket ^_*~ love~ 
xoxo Rachel 


Outnumbered By Four said...

I love this outfit! Pleated maxis look so beautiful in motion. I have a tea length one that I always get compliments on. Your blog looks great- havent' visited for awhile and glad to see all the posts I missed :)

Outnumbered By Four said...

Love the pleated maxi! I also like your new biker jacket- cool to see it in something besides trusty black :)

Rachel Cheng said...

Thank u, outnumbered by 4.
Black is so classic but this green Celine biker is so rich and saturated in that color, I feel like it looks almost like black to me sometimes. Lol.....
The maxi skirt always so feminine whenever u have it on. I think it balanced well with the statement biker jacket here.
Have a good weekend, dear.

Xo Rachel


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