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18 November, 2012

My Fall is here!

I am an ambitious-driven woman so even now I am Mother of 3, I still have my own passion. Not just for fashion, I do modeling and acting. So when people ask me what do I do for living, I tell them, a house-keeper, a model and an actress. Yes, that's the moment, I am so proud of myself and that's the moment my family is so proud of me. 

Every woman should have a passion of their own, no matter what kind of passion is, no matter how much revenue that passion generate, as long as you are happy and you are confident. Be inspired and inspire more people around you.


James Perse white tee, Dries Van Noten runway 2011 jacket, Christian Louboutin mary-jane, Chanel two tone tote 2010, Topshop large triangle earrings, Prada garden sunglasses


Alexander Wang chartreuse long sleeve tee with hood, Celine biker jacket, Philip Lim side panel pants, Marni fall 2012 necklace, Proenza Schouler PS1 clutch, Missoni for Converse with Joey Found hand-embellished studs and cubic sneakers.

Have a fab. Sunday anyway. 
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Dana said...

Love the new layout of your blog!
I have admired your daring when putting an outfit together and this is no different! Love the caramel trousers and the pumps in the other pics!



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