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31 January, 2012

Afternoon tea!!

When we stay-home-mom doesn't have to rush to pick kids up by 2:05 PM or 3:30 PM, we have extended quality time with gal friends. It is so important for us moms/girls to stay connected with our life, the mutual communication with husbands, the school works of our kids, and kids' after school activities...etc. For me, the engaging time with my gal friends will remind me how to weight the priority among myself, my family, my husband, my kids and my passion of so many other things. Surely it is a great way of supporting each other and strengthen each other along the course of life.  

Yesterday, Pei and I had a girly afternoon tea in Los Altos and it is so relaxing in a way that we can just talk about our core family, kids and husband. {You know, it is much simplified when life is without the involvement of our parents and in-laws.  But I know when I need my parents, they are only a phone call away. What can I say, they are my family, my best supporting system other than friends. ^O^}



Zara special edition
t. babaton Camel asymmetrical cut cape (sold out but this is new version

Suzuki Takayuki organic silk harem pants

Free people knit poncho 
H&M knit scarf
Hermes horn necklace 
Hermes "H" bracelet in Vert Veronese 
Hermes Vert de Gris Birkin 35 in Clemence 

Hermes Riding boots 


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xoxo Rachel 

27 January, 2012

When you have an oh so coveted possession ....

Of course I couldn't wait to take my new Vert de Gris Clemence Birkin for a ride today and recycle my clothes from my wardrobe. Who cares what I even wear if I am with him! All I know is how caressing his touch is when my skin against his (skin/leather)("Him" as this Vert de Gris Birkin is such dark of a color.) ^O^ 

Well, all that statement only shows how excited I am and we must agree what's not to love when it comes to Hermes, right?!!! 

This Green, and Gray combed color reminded me of my high school uniform. It is green and almost identical to this Verdigris ...back then, I was like "ugh... yak... why do we have GREEN uniform?" but people change, and I change. Now I really love it!! 


BcBg maxazria gray racker tank with satin trim
no brand black vest top
cotton blazer with leather patches

Vera Wang wide pleated two tones skirt 08'

Karen Walker tortoise daddy sunglasses
Hermes Clemence vert de gris Birkin 35cm
On aura tout vu (made in France) SINGLE FEATHER BRACELET link hère 

BaroQco link here Haute Couture Jewelry: black necklace 

On Aura Tout Vu single feather bracelet 

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Have a good weekend. 
xoxo Rachel 

My Oh My, Dream Birkin!!

My SA surprises me with this baby yesterday in the city and I guess I receive my Valentine gift early this year. {I am over the top~~} 
Hermes Birkin Clemence Vert de Gris 35 with GHW vs. Togo Gris Tourterelle 35 with SHW

Here I am trying to show that Vert de Gris is truly a green, gray color that none of the one shade eye shadow matches it. 
According to wikipedia: 
Verdigris is the common name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates[1] or the natural patina formed when copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over a period of time.

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Have a great weekend!
xoxo Rachel 

26 January, 2012

Winter Sequins!!

I had this Givenchy sequins with sash tank since 09'.  Every time I wear it, awed by its sun burst green sequin patterns and how easy to slip in.  Love it, one simple statement piece in my wardrobe. 


Givenchy sequins top
Max & Co. cream/greenish leather biker jacket

Topshop green shorts 
Falke chocolate stockings
YSL pump

J Crew necklace
J Crew Giraffe bangle
Hermes twilly scarf
Hermes Veronese bangle 
Chanel 12' Yellow classic medium/large tote 



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xoxo Rachel 

24 January, 2012

The Right Hat!

When you have the right outfit, sometimes you really need that extra little something to perfect your whole look and uplift your cool attitude!! Yeah, attitude, without the right attitude, the look is simply blank!!! Ugh~~ 

Thanks to my friend, Shyan, whom we became friends on FB, sent me his brilliant handmade hat! 

 ( A plan look without the hat !)
Vince leather jacket with extra big collar. 



Massimo Dutti white shirt with bow and contrasting trim
Neil Barrett sheer blouse 
Kate Spade cropped peacoat 
J Crew Capri cropped n' tweed pants
Hermes LIndy Rubis 30
Ruched hat with wool trim and self-pinned J Crew flower brooch
purple knitting scarf
Elfi Altendofer (link underlined) costume safety pin with blue beads bracelet 
Chanel 11' cutout wedge booties
Are you ready for a romantic Valentine?!!
How about wearing something soft?

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xoxo Rachel 

23 January, 2012

Perricone Super GIVEAWAY

Often people compliment my skin how supple and dewy it looks and want to know more about what products I use as daily skin regime. I had couple posts about it and here are more to add to it. 

Best yet, here is a $150 or less product GIVEAWAY from Perricone's products for you to try it out.  I bet one of your new year resolutions is to lose weight, and look great from head to toe, so why not start from having a beautiful, and youthful skin. It will certainly accelerate your motivation of losing weight faster while you already have a glowing skin that people envy for. 

Personally, I love this Concentrated Restorative Treatment from Perricone MD and I use it whenever I feel I am deprived of sleep, such as a long flight, after a girls' night out,...etc. I'd apply it over my face and let the Vitamin C to fight the aging for me overnight. I don't use it every night as you should make a note of it and I have couple other night gel/cream for me to switch to when necessary. {But always be patient and pay attention to any product you use on your skin to see if it works magically or not.}

So, other than external apply of anti-aging cream to keep up the youth look, have you tried taking any supplement such as Vitamin C, E, Omega 3 for a total beauty from the inside out? Here is another great product that I have yet to try but am thinking about it: Perricone omega 3. I eat Salmon occasionally so I think this is an alternative way to make sure my body has good unsaturated fat to lower the cholesterol and keep my heart healthy. 

Now, are you ready for Perricone MD $150 or less product Super Giveaway? 
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I just started trying out this Acul-Clutathione Eye Lid Serum so am not qualified to make a comment of it yet... {will do after this GIVEAWAY ends. ^O^}
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Good luck and 
Let's toast to a luminous skin of ourselves.... ^O^

xoxo Rachel 

19 January, 2012

Ultimate Sexy, Mid-length Pencil Skirt!!

I am still taking acting classes and we are shooting a homicide mystery happened in 1963. Acting is fun and I always benefit from practicing not just acting itself but also to polish myself to a more native tongue of a English speaker. 

For our scene, not only have I prepared a whole outfit of tie bow blouse, knitted pencil skirt, Docle & Gabbana fitted long blazer and Chanel round toe pump, we also shot at an old house which is full of very old furnitures, interesting paintings and antiques. Since I always have a thing for vintage stuff so I am so happy lurking around, oh, no, I mean, looking around the house. 

My acting teacher asked me to prepare another outfit for the scene so I surfed on the Internet the other day.  When I tried to find some pictures of some fashion guru wearing a mid-length pencil skirt, this ABC TV commercial pop up.  Interesting thing is the era of this Pan Am TV Series is the same as our story.  {Waste no more, I watched couple episodes and instantly hook on.}  

Prepare for take-off: Pan Am, starring Christina Ricci (second left), drips with period detail. 
Photograph: BBC/ABC/Sony Pictures Television


I was greeting my neighbor while he is about to go to work in the morning. 
{My neighbors are mostly Caucasians in their mid 60s and I bet they would love my outfit. Later on, I proved I was right as my neighbor across the street, Denise, complimented my lovely outfit. ^O^}  



Madewell printed top,  Ted Baker white wool jacket

Topshop mid-length pencil skirt (bought at Barcelona for Euro 23.50)

Therapy turquoise bow belt (link here), Anastasia Bice leopard heels, H&M kelly green envelop clutch, , Jivago silk scarf 

Lovely belts in lovely price $20~  (link here)

Got prints?
xoxo Rachel 

18 January, 2012

Leather shorts/pants + Pop of color = Gorgeous

Black leather shorts/pants should not be boring and meantime, it should be effortlessly styled. Here as you see a pop color will make your style not just pop but also a versatile  way of a transition look from Day to Night. Care not the trendy color or not, pick whatever the brightest color of your choices. 

Olivia Palermo

Stylist Ashley Avignone

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
{Love her poppy/coral leather trench too} 

Moi.. ^O^

{Madewell racer back tank, Vince hand knit cardigan, Sandro leather pants with zip pull in front and ankles, Rochas leopard flat boots, fair trade silver bangles bought at WholeFoodMarket, Hermes Picotin in Barenia, Iosselliani multiple gems with fringe necklace, Free people shrug}

Have fun with your leather short/pants and a pop of color of your choice!!
xoxo Rachel 

16 January, 2012

Halcyon Days ~

The halcyon skies are a good harbinger of a pleasant gathering. Yes, the past couple weeks, I had a great time with my girl friends, and family friends as we all try to catch up what's our new year's resolution in 2012. Unsurprisingly, there are new ones and there are repeated ones from last year, including mine. 

My kids were watching "Yes, Virginia" which is based on a true story movie of a 11-year-old girl who tries to find the proof of whether there is a Santa Clause. { I know, Christmas is over but kids just love the story regardless.}  Of course it is a happy ending and I particularly like the positive message sent out by the story: "Santo Clause lives forever in the youth's dream and when there is HOPE, there is always ways to make the world a better place". 

"When you see it in the Sun, it is so!!!" 

I love watching cartoons with my kids and it is certainly a good way of bonding with them.

Marni printed top 11', Elisabeth and James long tuxedo vest, Tsumori Chisato cat prints harem pants, Peter Som Mongolia fur collar, YSL triboo pump, Hermes Picotin in Barenia, J crew bracelet, Club Monaco wrapped bracelet  


A forever American classic look with denim shirt on all us girls. {Even Ilona matches up the style with us in a denim dress/top} 
me: Madewell, Anna: Old Navy, Irene: Levis floral prints  

On me: Madewell denim shirt, All Saints smoke leather jacket with tails, Hakei beaded collar, Woolrich woven beret, Burberry Prorsum runway 11' bell bottom pants, Chanel cut-out wedge bootie 11', Hermes Picotin in Barenia (I hook it on with LV straps), Hermes white CDC with gold hw. 

12 January, 2012

Keep Your Hats Up!!

I love hats and I probably own at least 20 hats by now and counting. I collect styles widely from baseball caps, finely knitted beret, cow boy hat, big brim straw hat, vintage decorative hat with veil on which my hubby hates the most but I just love it.   I confidently say that I adore hats just as much as British women do. Yes, HATs in Britain are ritualized!! Wouldn't you agree with me that an add-on "Hat" can be a sexy wink if you wear it right and a leverage to your plain outfit?!! 

I ordered couple tweed/wool hats from Shyan, whom I'd like to call as a head piece master. I guess it makes great sense as he lives in Birmingham, Scotland, and the weather is mostly gray and brutal, hats are practical!!! All his hats are handmade in 100% leather or the finest wool and made with water proof wax on.  I adore the old fashion look of those plaid, herringbone, and houndstooth woven in Scotland.  Those hat pieces all have a casual sophisticated touch which allows me easily incorporate them into my wardrobe. For me, wearing hats is simply a self-expression that has nothing to do with classism as opposed to British people. 

Shyan also makes great woven jackets which I couldn't wait to see his final production. Until then, I will just wear these hats and enjoy our sunny day in Northern California. 

Note1 : You can contact Shyan from his FB to know more of his hat production.
Note2 : I am not affiliate with his FB.
All wool/tweed fabric sample sent by Shyan (his FB link) 
Man's hat in leather 


My Emma hat in person

Wouldn't you want to take a closer look with all the thoughtful inner lining?


No two identical inner lining... 
This one turns out to be my favorite piece. 
{I add that ivory rose myself.}


A punk look with feminine touch of a crimson woven hat. 

My debut of Marni 2012 11 cm green suede platform

Isn't the hat lovely~~~ 

Hermes Picotin in Barenia with Louis Vuitton leather strap

Have fun with hats. 
xoxo Rachel 


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