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12 January, 2012

Keep Your Hats Up!!

I love hats and I probably own at least 20 hats by now and counting. I collect styles widely from baseball caps, finely knitted beret, cow boy hat, big brim straw hat, vintage decorative hat with veil on which my hubby hates the most but I just love it.   I confidently say that I adore hats just as much as British women do. Yes, HATs in Britain are ritualized!! Wouldn't you agree with me that an add-on "Hat" can be a sexy wink if you wear it right and a leverage to your plain outfit?!! 

I ordered couple tweed/wool hats from Shyan, whom I'd like to call as a head piece master. I guess it makes great sense as he lives in Birmingham, Scotland, and the weather is mostly gray and brutal, hats are practical!!! All his hats are handmade in 100% leather or the finest wool and made with water proof wax on.  I adore the old fashion look of those plaid, herringbone, and houndstooth woven in Scotland.  Those hat pieces all have a casual sophisticated touch which allows me easily incorporate them into my wardrobe. For me, wearing hats is simply a self-expression that has nothing to do with classism as opposed to British people. 

Shyan also makes great woven jackets which I couldn't wait to see his final production. Until then, I will just wear these hats and enjoy our sunny day in Northern California. 

Note1 : You can contact Shyan from his FB to know more of his hat production.
Note2 : I am not affiliate with his FB.
All wool/tweed fabric sample sent by Shyan (his FB link) 
Man's hat in leather 


My Emma hat in person

Wouldn't you want to take a closer look with all the thoughtful inner lining?


No two identical inner lining... 
This one turns out to be my favorite piece. 
{I add that ivory rose myself.}


A punk look with feminine touch of a crimson woven hat. 

My debut of Marni 2012 11 cm green suede platform

Isn't the hat lovely~~~ 

Hermes Picotin in Barenia with Louis Vuitton leather strap

Have fun with hats. 
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Mona P said...

Rachel, the hats are super cute!

And, of course, your Marni heels are GORGEOUS!

Hope you are well, look forward to your next post!


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