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07 January, 2012

Haute Couture Jewelry: BaroQco

Haute Couture is no longer a name to covet, it is much more accessible in our modern world. Not only that current haute couture pieces are "up to date" on both local and foreign trends, its extent also expands to jewelry, foot wear, hats, ...etc

There are tons of Haute couture websites, Elie Saab, Versace ... just to name a few but not many devoted to only haute couture jewelry. I am very lucky to meet up with a talented Haute couture jewelry designer, Eduardo Lim, who was born and based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Eduardo says that all the precious stones and other pieces are from Netherlands and he does all the designs himself. I must say the quality and details of his collection are beyond stupendous. I also love the fact that all of the pieces are statement pieces but they are not limited just meant to be wore for special functions only. 

As we go over several pieces from his collections, I couldn't wait but to get my "neck" on one of his piece. {Hubby wouldn't say "No" as he likes the piece I picked and as we are on vacation in Europe and all we want to do is to spoil ourselves in any way we can. ^O^} 

You can also check out the website to order and access his collection from his Facebook

(Note: I am not affiliate with his website nor FB.)





Jade is always a classic and elegant piece over the centuries. 

This is such a state of the art piece, not only I love the monotoned smoky quartz Swarovski, this haute couture piece will not be overwhelming to jeopardize any outfit you put on with. 



I love the timeless and classic look of black beads and smokey quartz Swarovski!!


Fashion trend is around the world and haute couture pieces are no longer far beyond our reaches. 

{We had a great lunch in red light district in Amsterdam that afternoon and we are so thrilled to know a lovely new family in far far land. (or maybe not that far... ^O^)}

Love couture pieces, how about you?
xoxo Rachel 


BaroQco said...

Dearest Rachel, I love Your Blog..

Betsy C. said...

beautiful pieces! i've gotta check out your purchase in person someday.

Rachel Cheng said...

Yeah, Please do come over Betsy. ^O^

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oooh! Rachel! Love all these statement jeweleries! So Amsterdam Edwardo right? Will go to his shop to check out his pieces when I go to Amsterdam in May. :) Thanks for sharing! - Mia -


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