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01 January, 2012

What an eye-catching shoes in Barcelona - studs embellished Converse!!

Trust me, if you want people turn heads just to see your shoes in Barcelona, Converse, is the way!! Not just anything Converse, hand-embellished studs Converse will get you the attention you want. Oh, I mean not the attention for pickpocket, but for the good cause. I bet they have no idea where to get a pair... but you know, Joey Found!!!

We noticed that young dudes particularly like to stare at my shoes and as one talked about my shoes, his/her company is most likely turning heads looking for the shoes.  Thus, I would also deliberately walk away and hide myself..... lol...just to tease!! lol.. so fun~~--


In Amsterdam... 

In Barcelona 


In Park Guell

As a statue of Salvador Dali ~ lol..

Salvador Dali, a great surrealist painter. 

We are mimicking Dali's mustache look after seeing his paintings and pictures of him. lol

Today, we family walked by the street and found new edition of Converse in fabric pattern. They are all closed as it is 1/1/2012 and we are definitely going back tomorrow to try them on. ^O^


Leather and fabric Converse... 

with lapel at the back of the sole..

Have a shoe fun!!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Mona P said...

Love all your outfits, you look amazing!

I love your Marni shoes, the dark green color and the design are just stunning!


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