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29 June, 2012

Easy feet!

Neutral color is actually very easy to work with your wardrobe. What about a neutral colored sandals? 

Typically, a clean tee and jeans with leather jacket will be cool to pair neutral colored sandals.  But I am no-typical when it comes to be stylish. No, I didn't mean to put on pop colors or a blazer or a leather jacket to uplift the look to be chic (Lighten up, it's summer, and it's hot. lol.), let's do something more interesting! ^^

Graphic tee, printed tee as long as it's a subtle printed tee will jazz up your look with neutral sandals without being trying too hard. I think whatever I came up with today is pretty cool, isn't it!!? ^O^ ( I know, that Vera Wang pleated skirts is with me like forever... and I really adore pleated skirts. They are classic, they are any-age appropriate as long as it's a good length. Yes?  )

Zara printed tank, Vera Wang Lavender label wide pleated skirt, Hermes Gris T. birkin, Givenchy neutral sandals. 

Mix feminine scarf with cool trinkets like I had on, Chanel turquoise and pink scarf, Elfi Altendorfer pin bracelets and glass beads bracelet. 

Easy feet, this Givenchy neutral sandals is good to be packed with me to Taipei and Tokyo. 

Try the look yourself, will you?!
xoxo Rachel

28 June, 2012

On Sale Score!

A friend of mine, Isabel, and I bought this Givenchy kitten-heel sandals during sale. It is discounted from $695 to $348. For me, this is a real score, good bargain and classic fashion, plus, it is super comfortable, how can you not dig in!!! 

Work your legs, wear kitten heels. 

xoxo Rachel

27 June, 2012

Kill time~

Last weekend,  we invited friends over at our place in the city.  It was fun. And just before my guests' arrival, I was grinding those whole pepper corns by hands.  It certainly isn't an interesting chores for me as pepper corns are flying everywhere that I had to cover it with a tissue while I grind them. It seems to take forever to grind those peppers down.  But you know what, before I noticed it, every guest of mine was grinding that pepper corns on the table spontaneously during our chat/dinning and I can't believe that THEY DID IT. lol... 

I guess it is also a human nature that we must think where there is a tool, there is a job to be done. Next time, I can find some other tasks to entertain my guests and get more productive than just chatting over cocktails. Ah ha~~ Anyhow, I so appreciate my friends' contribution for this finely grounded pepper. Please give my guests a round of applause.

Enjoy fresh grounded pepper in the summer. 

xoxo Rachel

The Winner for Tatcha $150 or less product giveaway is ~~~

As promised, here is our June Tatcha beauty product giveaway winner:

 Kim D.

Congratulations!!! Please email me for shipping address so I can forward your info. to Tatcha beauty team. 

Thanks so much for your comments and we shall have another giveaway to come soon. 

xo Rachel

Note: This giveaway original post is here and now it is expired.

25 June, 2012

No Constriction.

I said that I need to find a better packing strategy for our weekend retreat in the city. I mean, I can't just pack top and bottom, or tee and skinny jeans...oh, nothing wrong with that, it's just I need an excuse to do more expressive of looks more than just cool casualness.  I wish I had a suitcase that allows me to pull out any outfit in my wardrobe magically. lol...

Anyhow, I did pack my skinny jeans and suede pants with me. They are really easy to work with. A touch of cape, fedora hat and couple accessories, I look as good as wearing season's new pieces that advertised in the fashion magazines. ^_*

The first two looks are perfect for running errands since I am still shopping for furniture for our city apartment.

PS. Today is the last day for an entry of Tatcha $150 or less beauty product giveaway. And there is more Giveaway to come!! Woo hoo~~

1. Monotone pieces
Shine vintage denim shirt with bow, Burberry trench, BaroQco Haute Couture jade earrings, RUGBY white skinny jeans, Prada leather woven clutch, Valentino Garavani 50th anniversary rock studs loafer 

2. Same brand name at top and bottom is no-brainer.
Photobucket Helmut Lang suede top, Helmut Lang suede skinny pants, wool cape, Hermes orange collier de chien, BaroQco Haute Couture jade earrings,  Cotélac yellow straw fedora, Valentino loafer
( Please ignore the pearl milk tea in the backdrop... it is my hubby's thing. He loves those drinks. )

3. A city relaxing but out-of-place sexiness look.  Photobucket
Rebecca Taylor python printed top, Zara python printed wide leg pants, Glory Chen golden heels.

Glory Chen

I just found this local city designer, Glory Chen, and his daughter's collectioin, Joy Chen, for shoes. I bought this distressed golden heels with straps and Chinese knots. Speaking of knots, I adore woven, knots, all the fine craftsmanship especially on heels. Those mesh design is just too sexy to see straight what's underneath... ^O^ in this case, the red toe nails. BTW, the heels is 7inches but super comfortable and easy to work in. Surprises!!!!! 

Enjoy all summer activities. 
xoxo Rachel 

20 June, 2012

Never get upset with little things!

Yes...... nothing really matters unless the sky is falling... ..and since that's not going to happen, we should never get upset with little things in life! Go out with friends, go shopping, have a big feast,...etc. do anything, just to get over it!

PS. Want to be super happy about yourself? Don't forget my Tatcha product giveaway of $150 or less .  


Alexander Wang striped tank, Kapital cotton shirt with attached scarf, J Crew mint green skinny jeans, Anastasia Bice heels, Alaia red laser-cut tote

Yu, Cathy and me enjoy a good sunshine in Filoli garden.

Elfi Altendorfer multiple beads with sea creatures necklace (here I changed my heels to Valentino flip flops.) 

Be yourself and dream big!!
xoxo Rachel

16 June, 2012

Summer white doesn't have to be all white!!

Summer white look doesn't have to be all white, but at least you have to make the WHITE as a statement color to call it summer white looks. I found some pictures on Internet with different implementation of white pieces, very fun!!  My dear friend, Isabel, gave me the ideas of throwing a white-ish scarf to make the whole summer white look ----- louder!!



A. Wang Tank, Elisabeth & James ruched sleeves blazer, Orange Boss mini denim skirt, Manolo Blahnik brown sandals, ivory silk with crochet trim and bells scarf, Prada leather woven clutch, Dita sunglasses, Momo's march full sun bracelet, Dannjio necklace worn as bracelet

 Dannjio necklace worn as bracelet

The Satorialist




TIme for a summer white look of your own. 
xoxo Rachel

14 June, 2012

Let's Bake - Vegan, Gluten-free currant and silvered almond scone!

Yes, I mean "bake", literally. I cook a lot but I don't really bake. 


Cause' the time it takes me to bake one thing, I can do stir-fry, grill and deep-fry a lot of stuff and everything will be ready for a whole meal for my family.  There is no time for me to knead the dough and measure every ingredient. {Oh, well, maybe just because I didn't bake enough. This I assume will lead us to the discussion of chicken come first or eggs come first. blah~~}

Anyhow, after I ate my friend, Yu's, homemade steel-cut oats with currant scones for two days in a roll, I am hooked. I decided to bake my own version of Vegan, gluten-free scone. It's not that I have celiac disease (link here) but I am sensitive to wheat, thus, I have been eating 90% gluten-free diet for some time.

Here is the recipe I searched online and adapt it a bit for my convenience. 

Vegan, Gluten-free, no diary, no eggs, no refined sugar currant, and sparingly silvered almond scone. 

  • 1 1/2 tbsp flaxseed + 4 tbsp water (soak and set aside) 
  • 1 1/2 cups GF all purpose flour blend
  • 1/2 cup almond meal/flour
  • 1/4 cup almond, coconut, rice, or soy milk
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil in solid form 
  • 1/3 cup coconut palm sugar (low glycemic index score)
  • (optional) slivered almonds

First, you need to blend the coconut palm sugar and coconut oil together. Then mix all the dry ingredients altogether. Then use a stand mix or hand knead the dry ingredients into coconut sugar and oil mixture in two parts. As you know the texture should be coarse and look like cookie dough before you roll them out and cut them in either round or triangle shapes. 

PS. Don't forget enter yourself to my GIVEAWAY of $150 worth Tatcha beauty product. They are amazing!! 

Coconut oil (available at WholefoodsMarket) 

This step is to mix coconut palm sugar with coconut oil. 



I really like the dense texture. 

Bon Appetit~~
(Did you see that silvered almond there? I should add more next time.)

Summer is for baking!
xoxo Rachel 

Red Hot Summer!!

A classic red pants is never out of style. Plus, it is a gorgeous pop of color too. 

NOTE: don't forget to enter yourself another fab. giveaway sponsored by Tatcha beauty company. (link here)

Gray bustier made in Italy, Celine red slim pants, Charlotte Olumpia wedge, Chanel classic lamp flap, Elfi Altendorfer "Vintage" TresChic (link here) white African Turquoise Necklace and matching earrings. 

Valentino red jumpsuit 


Enjoy a red hot summer!!
xoxo Rachel 

12 June, 2012

Beauty Product Review and $150 worth product Giveaway: Tatcha

The general opinion about what's the most beautiful skin among Asian is that we all want a breathtaking beautiful and porcelain-like skin. We pamper our skin by staying away from the sun or at least applying sunblocks, drinking lots of water and green tea, consuming blueberry, chia seeds, and flaxseeds in bulks....etc. etc.... you name it, we take it. 

Last week,  a beauty company called Tatcha (link) contacted me and requested me to do a product review as well as a possible GIVEAWAY.  Honestly, I was super suspicious at the beginning that how their product is going to excel what I am using as my daily skin regime and improve my skin even more. As far as I am concerned, I am honored to be the first blogger to review their product.  Still I doubt I'd see any exciting improvement on my skin, but as long as there is still room to improve my skin, I'd do anything.  Good thing is that without the excessively articulating about how profound Tatcha's products are, they sent me the sample set to try out as well as one full-sized deep brightening serum. Sweet~~~~~

The result? IT IS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  My skin type is normal to combination and thus has a little excess oil at t-zone. I didn't really bothered and never used oil-absorbing sheets since that oil doesn't clog my pores or give me acne.  But you know what, after I tried Tatcha's blotting paper, I get addicted to it. I like the look of petal fresh of my skin all day all the time.  Basically, I love all the products made with natural ingredients and light weight gel-cream texture. I feel my skin becomes not just soft, it becomes extremely supple. Tatcha's skin products contains Camellia flower, green tea, pearl, red algae silk, and barn rice.  Aren't you excited to try it out just by reading all those superb ingredients? I know I am and I did. 

You know we exfoliate our face, lips, hands, toes.....almost the whole body just to get rid of the debris and reveal our skin's natural glow. Then you have to try Tatcha's polishing powers and you will know how does baby-soft skin feel like afterward.  Another product I am hooked on is the creamy but not greasy texture of their rich silk anti-aging cream. (link here) After each apply, you know you're giving your skin the replenishment of the most powerful and natural anti-aging nutrition, and you just feel great over all. 

All the major presses have already talked about Tatcha, don't you stay behind!!! 

The sample set contains 
6 trial-sized essentials + beauty papers:
- PURE Camellia One Step Cleansing Oil - 15ml | 0.5oz
- POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- POLISHED Deep Rice Enzyme Powder - 3 x 1g packets
- RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum - 15ml | 0.5oz
- SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream - 10ml | 0.3oz
+PETAL FRESH Original Japanese Beauty Papers - 1 full sized pack | 30 sheets

There are 3 kinds of polishing powders to target at different skin types.   (link here) 

My skin's look after a week of applying Tatcha's sample set. It is almost flawless.  

Are you tempted? Here is the giveaway product for you girls: Moisture Rich Silk Cream(Or you can request other product as you wish.) You know the most lethal weapon to showcase yourself is not just shoes, clothes, necklaces.... it is your SKIN!! So let Tatcha 200-year-old Geshia beauty secrets rejuvenate your skin senses. You know you will thank me and thank Tatcha later. 

Here is the giveaway rules:

1. Follow my blog.. (This couldn't be easier.)

2. Sign up for Tatcha's newsletter ( (You have to do this so you know the up-to-date Tatcha's product news.) 

3. Leave a comment here in this post about Tatcha's product and your email. 

4. "Scream" if you do win!!!!  (The giveaway expires on June 26th and the winner will be randomly picked, no duplicated entry and USA only.)

Good luck and rejuvenate your skin senses with Tatcha. 
xoxo Rachel 

11 June, 2012


Hey girls, there is another awesome GIVEAWAY coming up soon. 

This time, I want to share the most amazing skin product with you all. I have tested the product myself and quite awed its magical result. 

So stay tuned, the giveaway is worth $150 in retail price. 


Shine denim retro shirt with tie (link underline), Lilith pinstriped slouchy blazer, button-up leather skirt, peep-toe buckled boots, Elfi Altendorfer safety pin bracelet and necklace, Carrera sunglasses.

Looking cool for yourself. 
xoxo Rachel 

08 June, 2012

Happy Weekend... Happy Polka dot!

Weekend is the time for our city retreat. See ya~

Stella McCartney black embroidery black dress, Dries Van Noten 2011 s/s runway jacket, polka dots tights, Anthropologie metallic pink clutch, YSL triboo heels, Elfi Altendorfer pin bracelets and matching necklace


All by Elfi Altendorfer 



Have a happy weekend. 
xoxo Rachel 


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