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27 June, 2012

Kill time~

Last weekend,  we invited friends over at our place in the city.  It was fun. And just before my guests' arrival, I was grinding those whole pepper corns by hands.  It certainly isn't an interesting chores for me as pepper corns are flying everywhere that I had to cover it with a tissue while I grind them. It seems to take forever to grind those peppers down.  But you know what, before I noticed it, every guest of mine was grinding that pepper corns on the table spontaneously during our chat/dinning and I can't believe that THEY DID IT. lol... 

I guess it is also a human nature that we must think where there is a tool, there is a job to be done. Next time, I can find some other tasks to entertain my guests and get more productive than just chatting over cocktails. Ah ha~~ Anyhow, I so appreciate my friends' contribution for this finely grounded pepper. Please give my guests a round of applause.

Enjoy fresh grounded pepper in the summer. 

xoxo Rachel

1 comment:

Charles said...

i love pepper :)


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