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20 June, 2012

Never get upset with little things!

Yes...... nothing really matters unless the sky is falling... ..and since that's not going to happen, we should never get upset with little things in life! Go out with friends, go shopping, have a big feast,...etc. do anything, just to get over it!

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Alexander Wang striped tank, Kapital cotton shirt with attached scarf, J Crew mint green skinny jeans, Anastasia Bice heels, Alaia red laser-cut tote

Yu, Cathy and me enjoy a good sunshine in Filoli garden.

Elfi Altendorfer multiple beads with sea creatures necklace (here I changed my heels to Valentino flip flops.) 

Be yourself and dream big!!
xoxo Rachel


KatCH said...

Hi Rachel! I'm totally with you on being happy and don't let little things get to you. It's hard sometimes, but don't let little things ruin any day. I absolutely LOVE your outfit! It's so refreshing! ~Kat

Michael St. James said...

I completely agree about not sweating the small stuff. Love your Anastasia Bice pumps.

Betsy C. said...

It's easier said than done, I have to admit. Sometimes I get caught up with little things that I forget to look at the bigger picture. Hope you've already moved past whatever is unpleasant and found peace with family and friends. Btw, I still need to arrange a time to come by to pickup my stuff. :)

Dana said...

Be happy; don't sweat the small stuff! Life's way to short! Too true!
Love those leopard Bice pumps! Way cool and edgy!




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