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29 June, 2012

Easy feet!

Neutral color is actually very easy to work with your wardrobe. What about a neutral colored sandals? 

Typically, a clean tee and jeans with leather jacket will be cool to pair neutral colored sandals.  But I am no-typical when it comes to be stylish. No, I didn't mean to put on pop colors or a blazer or a leather jacket to uplift the look to be chic (Lighten up, it's summer, and it's hot. lol.), let's do something more interesting! ^^

Graphic tee, printed tee as long as it's a subtle printed tee will jazz up your look with neutral sandals without being trying too hard. I think whatever I came up with today is pretty cool, isn't it!!? ^O^ ( I know, that Vera Wang pleated skirts is with me like forever... and I really adore pleated skirts. They are classic, they are any-age appropriate as long as it's a good length. Yes?  )

Zara printed tank, Vera Wang Lavender label wide pleated skirt, Hermes Gris T. birkin, Givenchy neutral sandals. 

Mix feminine scarf with cool trinkets like I had on, Chanel turquoise and pink scarf, Elfi Altendorfer pin bracelets and glass beads bracelet. 

Easy feet, this Givenchy neutral sandals is good to be packed with me to Taipei and Tokyo. 

Try the look yourself, will you?!
xoxo Rachel

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