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28 June, 2012

On Sale Score!

A friend of mine, Isabel, and I bought this Givenchy kitten-heel sandals during sale. It is discounted from $695 to $348. For me, this is a real score, good bargain and classic fashion, plus, it is super comfortable, how can you not dig in!!! 

Work your legs, wear kitten heels. 

xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oooh Rachel! Nice find!! I like this color more! I saw the black and olive green colors before for the same style, but didn't take the plunge. Where is this nude/cream pair available? Will I still have a chance to get a size 40? :P Thanks thanks!

HappyFaceKat said...

They are beautiful! They look quite comfortable too. Where do you go to find these steals?

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Happy face Kat, Meiman Marcus has them. they re really comfotable since it is kitten heels in skin flattering nice leather without compromising the sexy look of a pair of heels should be. ;)
Let me know if u need my SA to locate the size for u!!

Hey, Mia, my SA found ur size. Let me know. Thx.

Have a great weekend.

Xo Rachel


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