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03 April, 2013

A Hip Restaurant Cafe in Paris!

I appreciate good art, fine craftsmanship and decadent design in pretty much about everything. It's like the object or the space will speak passion to you. How exciting!! 

I had several requests from friends of buying stuff from France and I got most of their loot in the southern France.  I am also happy that I scored Hermes' Kelly in Cannes for myself.  During our last couple days stay in Paris,  it happened to be Sunday then a national holiday (Easter) on Monday that most stores closed. I made a personal note that I will have to either prolong the stay or visit Paris before any natioal holiday in the future. However, we were lucky enough that couple stores that I really want to revisit are magically open. 

Here is a hip Cafe we had lunch at while waiting for my fave. store to reopen after their lunch break. It is called Le Preaumur and is very close to the place, Galerie Vivienne, where I bought lots of cute little souvenirs. I enjoyed their interior lighting fixtures, store setting and their Coin-Coin salad with Foie Gras and smoked duck breast which is very rare to see in any menu in USA. 

Another note is I found an impeccable ceiling light designed by Max Sauze. They come in silver and copper. We had it in silver ordered and shipped by next Month. I am sure it will lighten up our formal dinning area and make the look grand. 

 photo IMG_3447_zps26cc9520.jpg

 photo IMG_3461_zps40070a07.jpg

 photo IMG_3463_zpsdb16252b.jpg

 photo IMG_3465_zps6bfd8311.jpg

 photo IMG_3459_zps1b183dd6.jpg
The moment I sat down, I noticed this bubble light bulbs that I was intentionally to have them for my house in San Francisco. I appreciate the warmth and industrious look of them. 

 photo IMG_3444_zpse9295707.jpg

 photo IMG_3471_zps2eb4ce70.jpg
This Cafe has the coolest ceiling lights ever~~ 

 photo IMG_3457_zpsbaeed6f7.jpg

 photo IMG_3454_zpsa26b1bcf.jpg

 photo 903631_437104163038976_1636496688_o_zps517e8378.jpg

 photo IMG_3150_zps61d9ce5d.jpg
This is the version of Copper! 

Ply yourself with a hearty salad toady as I intended to do so myself.   
xoxo Rachel 

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