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13 April, 2013

Spring is here!

My parent flew here from Taiwan to visit us and they acclaimed how perfect the weather is.  We are certainly spoiled by California's weather and for some reason I am proud of the hospitality of the weather that my parents seem to concern before their arrival. Obviously, when you get used to the tropical climate, any degree temperature drop will be a drastically change and need an adjustment. As far as my parents is concern, they will have no problem to tour around now.

 photo IMG_3556_zps664e6296.jpg

 photo IMG_5917_zps83972bf2.jpg
Beaded bracelet by Elfi Altendorfer

 photo IMG_5920_zpsa30d5575.jpg
They are stackable every way you want.  

 photo IMG_3563_zpsa5e3d33e.jpg

Chanel 2013 green camellia flip flop sandal, Vanessa Bruno tote, Chocolate Rain hand-made doll ornament, Prada sunglasses

Enjoy a sunbath with SPA 85 
xoxo Rachel 

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