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10 April, 2013

Necessary, Useful and Beautiful!

As far as I am concerned, anything if it is necessary, useful or beautiful is all very subjective to individuals.  I have the most impractical pieces in my wardrobe according to my hubby( but little does he know about fashion, right? ), but for me, they are my best "on set" looks. As you know, I go to all era of film auditions so my treasure-hunt pieces from vintage shops often turn out to be the best wardrobe for 60s', 70s' or 80s' films.  And sometimes, it is also easier to have a "look" ready for directors and producers to foresee you in a particular role. No, I am not talking about nurse, police... costume-y roles as I don't favor those parts. Ha~ Aside from acting, developing a profound style is a brain-storm process for me to learn and to evolve and to enrich myself in a life-time journey.   

Now, come down to my newest addition: a silk shirt by Alexis Mabille. For some reasons, I love white shirts and I have at least 15 pieces of different style/fabric white shirts. Couple of them are torn because of delicacy parts of eyelid, and lace trim but I still keep them and I only keep torn white shirt. lol. Can't afford a closet full of unwanted or unworn pieces, right?  Clothes for me is like a photo album for most people, they are my memory!  

 photo IMG_3320_zps873814a3.jpg
Those are the words I took picture off while hubby and I were in Marc O'Polo store in Pairs. 

 photo IMG_3435_zpsda3bebb2.jpg
 34 Galerie Vivienne, Paris 2ème

 photo IMG_5893_zps8623f3eb.jpg
I love white shirt's timeless and I adore the low and round collar on Alexis Mabille very much. 

 photo IMG_5912_zpsdc90620d.jpg
Alexis Mabille silk shirt, Chanel skrit, Anne Valerie Hash oxford, Wildford socks, Moncler, Hermes' Bleu de Galice 35CM Kelly  

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-10at92751AM_zpsbbe6efa9.png
Spring 2013 

 photo IMG_3437_zpsf05427ec.jpg
Spring 2013

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