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25 October, 2013

Minimal feminine look!

So I talked about one of the decadent classic looks in my humble opinions is white shirt paired with slightly drop-waist pants. What about those who are up for more feminine but in pants?? Ah ha, I got you covered again. A pencil skirt!! 

A reason that the pencil skirt is a solid wardrobe choice is it flatters all types of body shapes. Different length gives you multiple choices; such as length hits around the knee, below the knee, or mini pencil skirt. Try on the ones that is not clinging but tight enough around the waist and butt, less wrinkle-ish while sitting in your skirt. Once you got those things checked, you will look both smart and sexy in a pencil skirt. 

Didn't I mention that leopard prints is everything and classic!? I have the one and the only leopard halter top which I never store it away from my sight. Why? You know why!! ha~ 

 photo IMG_5120_zpse0e55e9e.jpg
me and my BFF Pei. 
 photo ScreenShot2013-10-25at105427PM_zps1fb03c8c.png

 photo IMG_5116_zps80438246.jpg
Pei is wearing Shui Chen crawl neck sweaters and you know we are going to have Shui Chen's trunk show in California. 
It is going to be on 11/15 and I will post an online invitation soon. 
So stay tuned, don't miss out for a party and fun evening with us in person ~

Wear your pencil skirt!
xoxo Rachel 

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