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23 October, 2013

Man's trousers!

Shopping at Men's department is not new thing, but It might become a trend. I already have a pair of trousers which I bought from Men's department like 15 years ago. The style doesn't change much (now you know how slowly Man's fashion evolving. lol) except I tailored it as tapered and shorter to ankle length. It is still being loved by me as its unique fabric has a beautiful gray and blue sheen on it.  Now I have another pair of man's wool, gray trousers. Gray, such a classic color. I love how it sits on my lower waist and drop-crotch look. Just slightly slouchy which gives a laid-back but not an impression that I am wearing an ill-fitted pants. 

As I get witted while I am getting older, I found myself enjoy a classic decadent style more. Such as simple black and white outfit with intricate prints peeking out from the lining, all black outfit with leopard patterns sparingly on either top or bottom.  Or like today's outfit, a nice silk shirt paired with man's wool trousers. A casual attitude with all the superb quality.  Enjoy myself like nothing more!

 photo Cotelacpants_zps6545c7e9.jpg
Alexis Mabille silk shirt, Cotelac wool man's trousers, Ann Demuleumeester lace up brogue

Got a pair of man's pants??
xoxo Rachel 

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