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Street Smart and Book Smart!.

Often, I hear my friends talking about how different their kids' personalities are. One is book-smart, the other is street-smart, or one is good with science and math while the other is good at art and reading minds. Isn't that what makes parenting so dynamic and challenging? Everyone has different traits and we all try to dig out the best of us to be the best version of ourselves. Every stage of life is a process of learning and struggling and then succeeding and conquering. I find myself lucky in a way that I am able to express my true feelings and identify myself down the road.  While made mistakes, I still have the blessing to embrace the love and forgiveness from my loved ones. 

My son told me the other day why Michael Jackson needed to do so many concerts and performances. I was curious what's his answer! He said:" Cause he needed the money." He continued: "Cuz he did drugs. He needed drug money." I couldn't laugh nor agree with what his conclusion is. And please don't get caught up with this "childish joke" or "teenage talk". My son is almost 14 years old and he is learning and going through puberty. In the car, I had to tell him I don't think Michael Jackson needed the drug money. Every time he performs, he wants to be the best of himself, to be the best performance amongst his previous ones. His fans has expectations; he also had his own expectations. Then there is struggle and there is stress accumulated in his life. The drug is an escape from reality, not a solution. I am sure he was searching an identity himself. To perform is the best way for him to feel loved especially he wants to return the same love to his fans around the world. Anything that isn't resolved during childhood eventually will be caught up to you in adulthood.  Michael Jackson is a legend and I am grateful in a way that his existence inspired the simplest conversation between me and my son. Wisdom grows through life experience but it doesn't have to be personal experience  The point is I want my son to know life isn't just about study and getting good grades. Life is so complicated that you hone your best skills, cultivate your best traits and also learn from  someone's life to be smarter. 

Cheers to I-generation: 
Be book-smart and be street-smart to master life!!! 

{Ps. My lunch cocktail recipe: mix ice cubs, Hangar 1 Rose' Vodka, pink lemonade and ZenBasil chia drinks. It is not a science so be open-minded to adjust the amount to your taste.}


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pic. courtesy from WhoWhatWhere website.

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