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29 April, 2012

Black and White!

Everyone knows black and white outfit can never go wrong. When is the last time you dress yourself in black and white? It is such a classic look!! 

Give it another try, shall we?

 Comme des garçons Ester Off White Serde Blouse with cut-out underarm 

Stella McCartney, Dior, Common des garcons, Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander, Brian Atwood. (left to right, top to bottom)

Baroqco Haute Couture Jewelry 

 Comme des garçons blouse, Suzuki Takayuki organic silk harem pants, Chanel cut-out booties, BaroQco jade/metal/precious gem necklace, Dita aviator sunglasses 

Don't forget to enter yourself for a gorgeous BaroQco Haute Couture pendant necklace giveaway (Ends on 5/4/2012) 

Love classic black n' white!
xoxo Rachel 

27 April, 2012

Colored Jeans!!

PS: Don't forget my super gorgeous BaroQco pendant giveaway.
 RUGBY white linen tank, J Crew stripped sweater, J Crew mint green skinny cropped jeans, Chanel yellow medium/large lambskin flap, J crew baubles, Hermes bangle, Marni 12' suede green flatform. 

 Left to right: Levis, Blank NYC, J Crew(neon peachy), Levis, RUGBY, J Crew (Mint Green), Levis (neon pink)

All we want is colored skinny jeans this summer, isn't it? ^O^
xoxo Rachel 

In Good Health - Body Detox.

Sorry I have been missing for couple days. Now I am back and I am doing greater than ever. Oh, not how much I spent in that sense...I mean, I just done my 14 days body-detox from Dr. Frank Lipman's method last Sunday. I am feeling invigorated and I am trying to live a whole new life style by eating healthier. That means no-gluten and no-wheat, less caffeine, no refined sugar, no refined flour diet. {Honestly, I am not sure how strict I can be but I am smarter now when it comes to select good-food-which-nourishs-my-body.} 

I didn't lose weight but my whole body has that slimmer look!! Here is the proof of Dr. Frank Lipman's eating suggestion works wonder on me. I highly recommend you check out his website (here), Grocery store tour video (here) and the detox helper-shakes (here).  

PS> Don't forget my super gorgeous BaroQco pendant giveaway. (Sponsored by BaroQco Haute Contour Jewelry) 

Yes, the almost six packs...... ^O^

Here is allow and not allowed food from Dr. Frank Lipman 

( Trust me, when you eliminate gluten food, and sub. with some other better choices as brown rice pasta, brown rice, millet, quinoa... you won't feel you are missing any carb. at all!!! Instead, you are feeling great each day!!)  

 AllowedNot Allowed
FruitsAll fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices, small amounts of unsulfured dried fruitCommercial fruit juices,
sulfured dried fruit
VegetablesAll fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, organic non-GMO cornCanned vegetables,
regular corn
Animal ProteinOrganic or free range eggs, chicken, lamb, grass-fed beef, turkey, duck, wild game such as buffaloFactory-farmed meats including chicken, turkey, pork, beef, veal, cold cuts, canned meats, hot dogs, sausage
FishWild salmon, black cod, trout, shellfish anchovies, herring, sardines, wild fish (low mercury)Factory farmed fish, high mercury fish including: tuna, shark, swordfish
GrainsNon-gluten grains including quinoa, brown and wild rice, buckwheat, teff, millet, amaranth, brown rice pasta, pure buckwheat noodles, gluten-free oatsGluten grains including: wheat, barley, rye, spelt, bran, farina, kamut, oats, couscous
Beans & PulsesAll beans and legumes, fermented soy including natto, tempeh, misoUnfermented soybean products,
Nuts & SeedsRaw (not roasted), unsalted nutsPeanuts and peanut products
Dairy & Dairy SubstitutesAlmond, rice, hemp and coconut milk, raw milk cheese, sheep and goats milk products, small amounts of plain yogurt & butter (from grass-fed cows if possible)Regular cows milk, soy milk, non-dairy creamers, powdered milk, regular cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese
SweetenersStevia, Xylitol, small amounts of raw honey (unheated), 100% maple syrup, 100% palm sugar, black strap molassescane sugar, beet sugar, white and brown sugars, fruit juice concentrate high fructose corn syrup
BeveragesGreen, black, herbal teas (non-caffeinated), spring and sparkling water, fresh vegetable juicesAlcohol, coffee, soft drinks, soda, commercial fruit juices, caffeinated beverages, commercial energy drinks
OilsExtra virgin olive oil, coconut, sesame, walnut, flaxseedCanola, sunflower, margarine, shortening
VinegarsApple cider, white wine,
red wine, balsamic, rice
Commercial salad dressings
Herbs, Spices & CondimentsAll herbs and spices, mirin, mustard, wheat-free soy sauceKetchup, relish, chutney, BBQ sauce, regular soy sauce, mayonnaise
OtherSmall amounts of dark chocolate Cocoa nibs, unsweetened cocoa powderCandy, milk chocolate, energy and protein bars

Here are some sample meal/snacks I had the past days. 

Grilled Salmon + Arugula Pesto on Millet toast 

 Butter lettuce with walnut salad and drizzled with rice vinaigrette 

 Steak with asparagus and crispy eggs (in Dr. Frank Lipman's body detox diet, eggs is eliminated so I gave them to my hubby. :)) 

Brown rice pasta in Arugula pesto stir fry with shrimps, mushrooms and green beans. (A great alternative for rice and regular pasta).

My morning green shakes from Dr. Frank Lipman + raw honey + Chia seeds

This is gluten-free, wheat-free, no soy sauce, no eggs, dinner meal I prepared for my family. 

Come on, get happy, eat healthy!!
xoxo Rachel 

20 April, 2012

White... can't seem to have enough!!

It certainly is getting warmer here in the peninsula but I found myself still browsing Johnathan Saunders' jumper the other day. Am I preparing for this fall/winter already?  I don't know! But one thing I do know myself is I guess I was sick of all the busy prints and mix-n'-match patterns on me already. 

Needless to say, I want to wear something completely blank, the basic, the crisp white it is.  

PS> Don't forget my super gorgeous BaroQco pendant giveaway. 


Common des Garçon (white blouse with oversized sleeves, padded peter pan collar, cut-out arm pit)
Orange Boss denim mini skirt
Marni suede green flatform 
Prada leather woven clutch 
Chanel sunglass
Hermes horn necklace 


Dries Van Norton printed shirt
leather collar with beads
Linen blazer 
RUGBY white skinny jeans 
Hermes stripy heels
Hermes twilly scarf
Momo's March full sun bracelet  
Prada leather woven clutch 


Have a white summer. 
xoxo Rachel 

Pick YOUR Pendant - GIVEAWAY!!

This giveaway ended. 

As promised, here is the biggest giveaway from my blog ever~ In fact, this gorgeous pendant GIVEAWAY is sponsored by BaroQco Haute Couture Jewelry based in Amstelveen, Netherlands. I had couple personal purchases from BaroQco since last year and I also had the designer, Eduardo, customized couple pieces with my personal favored styles no less. { You can see my BaroQco jade earrings when attending Christian Siriano's trunk show and the other day I am in a Bohemia look.)

His Haute couture jewelry collection is a confection of colorful gems, real Burman jade, Swarovski stones, Minerals and precious natural stones which also matches perfectly with the current trend of big, bold and colorful mood. The whole collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendant necklace, rings and from daily wearable to Bridal collection. The market in Haute couture jewelry is undergoing a revolution, and the price is rocketing. Nevertheless, you can always find something intricate from his collection and coupled with a gorgeous price point. He said " Because everything is designed in Netherlands, it infuses the Europe jubilant flair with Asia demure convention where I constantly find amazing inspiration for my collection. I love design things and both precious stones and Burman jades add another level to the whole Haute Couture collection. I can draw the designs which feels and looks like birds, oceans, and even a garden out of those pretty and colorful gems and stones. The idea of my collection is that once you wear them on, you can enjoy wearing them everywhere and everyday not just for special occasion. People are always amazed how stunning and simple the whole look can co-exist in one look even with those so-called Haute Couture jewelry on them. Most of the time, we want to look into our best, don't we?! "

BaroQco Burman jade earrings ( my own ) 


BaroQco Swarovsky pendant (GIVEAWAY, for you!) 

Eduard had made this yellow and smoky Swarovsky pendant specifically for my blog readers. Lucky you guys. { Now I am jealous. } All you need to do is as the following.

1. Follow my blog
2. Go to to select pieces/looks which most suits your style 
3. Leave a comment and tell me which piece matches your style the best on this post 
4. Don't live in USA? Don't worry, this pendant can be shipped all over the world. ^O^

The winner will be picked randomly. This GIVEAWAY ends on 5/4 11:59:59 ET. (The ending time got extend per Haute Couture request as they are going to launch new website.)

It's just that easy!!!!! I know you definitely will be thrilled to have this out of the world pendant. 

Jewellery: BaroQco
Photography: Ron Stam (
MUA & Hairstyling: Katrin Levi
Modelling: Demy 

Jewellery: BaroQco
Dresses & Suit: Alberto Aksu 
Photography: Carola Doornbos
Modelling: Victoria Saidova and Roy van Buuren
MUA: Daniëlle Grisel
Styling: Laura de Herdt
Publication: Emergent Magazine (Australia)

Jewelry : BaroQco
Model : Manohara 

Stylist : Sano Wahyudi Clothing : Sano Bridal Nederland

Jewelry : BaroQco 

Photographer: Nicky Boeren
Model: Yvette NesselaarHair/make up: Feathers & Lashes by Sumeya HamieStyling: Feathers & Lashes / Incognito Roermond

Eric REDS - 2012
Perak Mas Studio - Surabaya
Jewelry : Baroqco Haute Couture
Model : Nadyawulan 

Good luck!
xoxo Rachel 

18 April, 2012

The Shins: The Rifle's Spiral

Love this animation produced by Director Jamie Caliri for the indie rockers. Share with u all! Xo Rachel

The Shins: The Rifle’s Spiral on

14 April, 2012

Hi, Christian Siriano!

You can't be unfamiliar with the name "Christian Siriano". 


Because he is a "former Project Runway winner"!! {Ah~ Did I remind you already?}

Today people were no surprisingly enthusiastic about trying out his spring and pre-order fall 2012 collection at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto. Christian Siriano is there in person and his fans must be there, I am no exception. 

However, funny enough, during the time I was trying on one superb leather piping black sheath in the fitting room, another SA knocked on my door at least 5 times. Just because her other client is eagerly to try it out too. {Well, I am not going anywhere with that dress, besides, I am IN the fitting room.}    
Ok, ok, I get it, I am not a loyal fan of his just yet but maybe, who knows, after today, I could be. {Oh, the fierce leather piping sheath, I am going to dream about you tonight.}

Mena Suvari for Christian Siriano spring 2012 collection campaign 




Christian Siriano Fall 2012 collection 


Christian Siriano spring 2012 collection 

Christian Siriano Fall 2012 collection 
Leather piping black sheath + BaroQco Burman jade earrings (more info. here) 

My two favorite colors, Coral and Chartreuse!!!

Good luck Christian Siriano. 
Wish to see your many fashion week shows to come in the future.
xoxo Rachel   

13 April, 2012

Sneakers and Rain Boots are in Trend.

Trust me, we have rains in North California these past couple days. Needless to say that rain boots or high top sneakers are the best bets when stepping into the puddles. Oh, purposely or accidentally?  It doesn't matter, I am all prepared. 

I was looking for a rigid looking of hiking boots at Nordstrom Rack the other day and found this Hunter boots might come in handy regardless the weather condition. Meanwhile, I had an inspiration from this picture of Olivia Palermo wearing Lanvin sneakers strutting around during her stay in New York. With that in mind, I create my very own stylish rain-boots in fashionable looks. 

What do you think? {My Hunter steal is only $59 down from $299, Nice score!!}


My outfit of the day 

J crew paisley printed shirt (past season)
Etro paisley printed blouse 12' (same here) 
et Vous fur vest (bought 08' in Paris)
Missoni for Target zig zag skirt 
Elfi Altendorfer hand-crafted purple stone necklace (link here) 
BaroQco Haute Couture burman jade earrings (link here) 
Hunter rain boots 
Prada leather woven clutch 12' 
Dita Concord aviator sunglasses 

Middle: Olivia Palermo in Lanvin sneakers (similar link here

Have fun in a rigid way. 
xoxo Rachel 

12 April, 2012

Orange and Lime!!

I am doing a body detoxing these days, as a matter of fact, today is my 4th day and I am feeling so invigorated already. 

I do have a healthy diet ( I think ) and regular exercise routines. But when it comes to food, I eat quite a lot. ( No kidding!!! ) Mainly because I also work out up to 9 hours per week ( I do have my lazy week ) and I need those calories. However, I found myself mooching carbs. a lot which I love and hate at the same time. Until I found this Dr. Frank Lipman's body detox method, I don't know how to eliminate gluten or wheat consumption for my diet. Not that I want to be a total free of gluten and wheat eater. But eat healthier and promote my digestive and intestinal health is one goal that I'd like to achieve. 

Here is his website and I recommend it for the sake of your good health. 

My outfit here somewhat reflected my mood... light and bright. 



Aqua by Aqua body suit in coral 
Stella McCartney 10' s/s runway jacquard blazer in rust rose
Etro neon green cropped pants
Prada 12' clutch
Hermes Orange Collier de Chien
Silver oxford platform heels

Color is fun and your mood can be lightened up by bright colors too. 
xoxo Rachel 

11 April, 2012

Pristine White!

Most of the time, the simplest color scheme gives you the most outstanding result. 
Invent your look of White shirt + White blazer!!

Vintage lace top + Elisabeth & James white blazer + Gucci cropped pants + Dannijo necklace + Prada 11' sunglasses 

Picture source:
Picture source:

I love summer~
xoxo Rachel 

10 April, 2012


Finally I found myself an aviator sunglasses by Dita. The style is called Condor and is wider and bigger than most aviator sunglasses. You can find them

Dannijo necklace, Max & Co. leather jacket, Y-3 gray leggings, Zara fringe boots, Prada leather woven clutch, Dita aviator sunglasses. 

Massimo Dutti white silk shirt with black bow (bought at Barcelona 2011), Moncler down jacket, Sandro leather pants, Chanel cut-out bootie, Prada leather woven clutch 

To most of families, have a fun spring break. 
xoxo Rachel 

06 April, 2012

A Jocund Friday!

Today is Good Friday, and this weekend is Easter's weekend.  Many of my friends are traveling overseas or having a little jaunt somewhere in the state. My kids go to different schools so we have to compromise my son's spring break which is two weeks later instead of my daughters' to have our little vacation. We are going to stay in the SF city for several days to enjoy a city life. 

Ah, I certainly can't wait ~~~ 

My jocular nature is the evident in my grin that this Zara printed blazer is well-worth the money. Not only because it is cheap to begin with but also I can pair it with million things in my wardrobe. {I know, you probably are tired of it.  Me? "Almost", I need to find inspirations.}

Achieve a High fashion look doesn't mean you have to break your bank account. 

(PS. Stay tuned, BaroQco and I are going to host a giveaway of their Haute Couture pendent.)


My Outfit de Jour

Zara printed green tank
Zara printed blazer 
Vince high-waist shorts

Elfi Altendorfer link here ) safety pin necklace and bracelet 
Iosselliani 2012 blue n' yellow crystals with lamb earrings
Dannijo friendship braided bracelet 
J crew green stone cuff
Club Monaco bracelet
Momo's March wooden beads bracelet 
Proenza Schouler PS1 clutch 
Colorblocking socks 

Hermes 2012 leather stripy heels 

Elfi Altendorfer (link here) safety pin bracelet with blue beads. 

Elfi Altendorfer (link here) safety pin with yellow disks and mixed colored beads necklace 


Hope you have a happy Easter Sunday. 
xoxo Rachel 

05 April, 2012


Did you find your favorite prints or colors yet? 

Don't be afraid of clashing colors or prints, they seem to be impossible to go wrong this season. Do as I do, a colorful button-up shirt (preferably there is no missing, clashing with a busy but fitted blazer, and simple tailored pants.  They give you an effortless pull-together look. 




Dries Von Norton printed short sleeves shirt (past season)
Zara printed blazer/shirt, Zara basic cropped pants
J Crew necklace 
Silver etching metal cuffs (WholefoodsMarket fair trade accessory)
Chanel yellow 11'  medium/large classic lambskin flap 
Lawrence Dacade booties (past season)

Lawrence Dacade white booties with ribboned heels (past season) 
I replaced new ribbon sash shoe lace. 

I am so welcome summer after couple days of nice weather here in North California. 

Happy Thursday and wish you a Good Friday tomorrow. 
xoxo Rachel 


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