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14 April, 2012

Hi, Christian Siriano!

You can't be unfamiliar with the name "Christian Siriano". 


Because he is a "former Project Runway winner"!! {Ah~ Did I remind you already?}

Today people were no surprisingly enthusiastic about trying out his spring and pre-order fall 2012 collection at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto. Christian Siriano is there in person and his fans must be there, I am no exception. 

However, funny enough, during the time I was trying on one superb leather piping black sheath in the fitting room, another SA knocked on my door at least 5 times. Just because her other client is eagerly to try it out too. {Well, I am not going anywhere with that dress, besides, I am IN the fitting room.}    
Ok, ok, I get it, I am not a loyal fan of his just yet but maybe, who knows, after today, I could be. {Oh, the fierce leather piping sheath, I am going to dream about you tonight.}

Mena Suvari for Christian Siriano spring 2012 collection campaign 




Christian Siriano Fall 2012 collection 


Christian Siriano spring 2012 collection 

Christian Siriano Fall 2012 collection 
Leather piping black sheath + BaroQco Burman jade earrings (more info. here) 

My two favorite colors, Coral and Chartreuse!!!

Good luck Christian Siriano. 
Wish to see your many fashion week shows to come in the future.
xoxo Rachel   


Michael St. James said...

You NEED that dress Rachel! It's STUNNING on you.

Rachel Cheng said...

ha, Mike, i know i know...that leather piping dress is one exceptional with finest craftsmanship.

That being said, I do WANT the dress .... lol..

Have a good Sunday, Mike.


Mona P said...

The dress is gorgeous and such a perfect fit on you!

Here is the link to the black glittery broques (the style is called Leonardo):

wei72637 said...

The dress looks lovely on you!! Actually, all the pieces fit you so well!


Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Mona, the shoe is stunning!!! I can see u re going to enjoy it very much. Its glitter is very versitile that u can wear casual or dress up a little in either pants or dresses/maxi skirt!! Ah, I'm very excited for u. Good buy, darling!! ;)
Man~ the leather dress, I might need to call them to order for me.. ( just maybe!!!!!!)

Xo Rachel

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Wei, u re one more devil vote on that leather piping dress!!! Ah ah ... My.... What am I going to do!? Lololol..... Ok, I should calm down, I'm no celebrity but I do enjoy myself in great outfit, it just makes me very joyous!! ( yeah, I know, a little vain... Lolol)
Thanks for ur compliments. ;)

Have a good Sunday afternoon, dear.
Xo Rachel

ceci said...

That leather piping dress is TDF!!!! Well done! Love the collection! You can see how much effort Christian has put in!

thehautecookie said...

Rachel, you NEED that dress. That piping is so intricate and stunning. You have killer legs btw. xO!


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