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12 April, 2012

Orange and Lime!!

I am doing a body detoxing these days, as a matter of fact, today is my 4th day and I am feeling so invigorated already. 

I do have a healthy diet ( I think ) and regular exercise routines. But when it comes to food, I eat quite a lot. ( No kidding!!! ) Mainly because I also work out up to 9 hours per week ( I do have my lazy week ) and I need those calories. However, I found myself mooching carbs. a lot which I love and hate at the same time. Until I found this Dr. Frank Lipman's body detox method, I don't know how to eliminate gluten or wheat consumption for my diet. Not that I want to be a total free of gluten and wheat eater. But eat healthier and promote my digestive and intestinal health is one goal that I'd like to achieve. 

Here is his website and I recommend it for the sake of your good health. 

My outfit here somewhat reflected my mood... light and bright. 



Aqua by Aqua body suit in coral 
Stella McCartney 10' s/s runway jacquard blazer in rust rose
Etro neon green cropped pants
Prada 12' clutch
Hermes Orange Collier de Chien
Silver oxford platform heels

Color is fun and your mood can be lightened up by bright colors too. 
xoxo Rachel 


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Good for you for doing the detox- I'm doing one right now too- although I'm just trying to cut out alcohol and sugars- I'm going to check out the link you posted. Maybe I'll be inspired.

Rachel Cheng said...

Ah, Ren, I was doing AlcOhol and sugar detox last week. It's not to bad and I even get rid of having coffee everyday. I think
I might have coffee in the future but I won't want to crave it as daily basis. Green tea is great sub. I'm sure u ve heard of it!!
Dr. Frankin Lipman method is great and I can see my body is leaner without eating the gluten and wheat. But it doesn't mean u can't have carbs. neither. I actually find a lot of crackers, pie, rice chips made without gluten and wheat and they taste great!!
Good luck to ur body detoxing.
Xo Rachel

Mona P said...

Rachel, you did it again! Gorgeous outfit, I love the way all the colours blend in together!

Those oxford heels complement the outfit and your clutch perfectly!

I just ordered a pair of Leonardo black glittery brogues (similar to your oxford heels stylewise) from Kurt Geiger last week. It is a British brand, I am sure you saw it when you were in London. Anyways, gorgeous brogues, check them out on their website! I have a feeling you might like them :)

As for the weather here in London, tell your friend Irene to definitely pack in her umbrella, parka or a trench coat, warm scarf and warm sweaters for sure!

Layering is essential for this weather! It has been quite cold and rainy in the past couple of days, I have a feeling it might continue this way!

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Mona, great that ur getting urself a brogrue, especially u mentioned " glittery", my eyes just popped bigger!! Loll shoot me an email with ur shoes if I could. ;)

I heard Irene mentioned the rain and scorchy chill but I guess they are fine visiting there. They have friend in London so it's not too bad. ;)

Thanks for the compliments and I'm surprised myself that those colors coped well with one and another.

Xo Rachel


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