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01 April, 2012

Strong Suiting + Bare-Midriffs Look

Here is the nicely tailored suits of Stella McCartney pre-spring 2011 runway Jacquard suits at The color is rusty rose which is not just perfect for spring, but also the textured jacquard fabric makes this suits a classic keeper! 

Love it~

I especially love the wide cuff of this pants. Both the sharp-edged collar and wide-cuff hems give this suiting look a big attitude. 


My Outfit de Jour 

Stella McCartney suits
Free people printed bustier 
Hat Master hand-made gray herringbone flat hat (this requires a separate post)
Tom Binn safety pin necklace 
Prada 12' leather woven envelop clutch 
Tabitha Simmons fringe and satin nude pump 

See, it is not big of a deal to reveal a little skin around your stomach! ^O^
pic. source:

(left to right) Hermes Collier De Chien, 
Dannijo friendship bracelet, 
Hermes twilly scarf, 
Rachel leigh printed python with bow bracelet 

I have to confess, with this bare-midriff look, I dare to eat large~~~ 
{"Hold the stomach, tuck in your belly, straighten the back"... geez, I heard my gym trainer's yelling back of my ear... lol }

Get ready for Monday, sleep tight. 
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Rachel, I love the suit and the clutch! Gorgeous!

I just saw your e-mail today, since I haven't checked this e-mail account for a while. So, apologies for the lack of response. Will write to you later tonight.

Michael St. James said...

Love this look Rachel! Very Carrie Bradshaw.

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi, Mona, thanks. The suit and the clutch are perfect combo. ^O^
Oh, we will talk in the email.
xo Rachel

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Mike, thank you.
You know how hard it is to work the abs and not letting the muffin top go overboard.. haha..
Oh, well, again, everyone should enjoy their life and pamper themselves. I am happen to be the bold one to take on this trend. ^O^

Have a good day.

xo Rachel


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