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31 July, 2012

Sense of Life.

Kids are so true to their emotions. Ilona makes everyone laugh when she is happy and we would cry for help when she becomes grumpy. At the end, she is still a happy girl. 
I am not sure where she gets the idea that carries a stick (umbrella) and walks laboriously is acting like an old woman. She is such a doll, so hilarious. As opposite to her, I sure am trying every possible way I can to stay young and fight the nature of aging. lol...



Unconditional asymmetrical sheered top, mini pleated skirt, I' Maxine (Taiwan local brand) metallic bronze patterned leggings, Cotelac' yellow straw fedora, Hermes Picotin, Joey Found (links here) custom-made crystals and spikes

If you want to be happy, be. - Leo Tolstoy 
xoxo Rachel 

Valentino Grin (Green)!!

Couple months ago I bought Valentino Garavani 50th anniversary rock studs loafer from Valentino boutique.  Its modest but intricate gold studs is paved around the low heels and on top of the shoes and those studded details are handsome enough to attract everyone's attention, not to mention it's super comfortable to walk in.    This capsule collection is limited and all designs remain the same delicacy from Valentino. When I was browsing the fashion magazine and enjoying a morning spa in Taipei, I surprisingly found this whole collection not only is reserved with Valentino's traditional sophisticated look but also a glimpse of fun with its prints and lace-insert on the dress. There are lots studs and animal prints on accessories as well that you shall get ready yourself to be a little wild this fall(animal prints again). Roar ~~~ 

The Valentino 50th anniversary capsule collection is just so me, me, me....... I am not a minimalist thus with such attention in mind: Most of the time, it is " The busier, the better" when dressing myself up!!  Who doesn't love those adorable yet mysterious black lace anyway?!!  Besides, green has been my color since the beginning of this year, and grateful as I am that it flatters my skin tone. Coincidently, I brought over two separated pieces of a black chiffon top and a cotton dress and had them altered to be ONE. Just like Valention's leopard-prints with black lace dress, I now have my own various green and black dress. Yes, it is so much cheaper to do the alternation in Asia and the seamstress is also willing to meet any of your "not-so-professional" design idea to make you happy. My new-from-old one piece dress costs me only $20.  Maximize your wardrobe doesn't mean that you have to wear past-season pieces over and over again, it means you can be as creative as a kid to make magic of your clothes. Now I have a new dress in printed GREEN as Valentino that I totally can wear in such a sultry weather in Taipei. (We have a typhoon coming towards us this week.)

The conclusion is I probably won't splurge myself in big bucks on this Valentino dress...oh, no, I definitely won't.  See, I am not as vain as it seems to be, I feel perfectly content in doing such small thing in life. 


How cute this illustration is. 

Ilona and I had a big grin on our face, we enjoy our back-home trip every inch of the walk here in Taipei. 

Fiona, me and Isabel. (picking up kids after their Chinese summer camp in Taiwan.) 

Top: Romeo & Juliet/Dress:Anthropologie (Now they are altered and sewed in one empire dress in over the knee length.)

Have fun with your crazy design ideas on your past season clothes. 
xoxo Rachel 

25 July, 2012

The winner for Miinto Shopping Site....

I didn't forget I have a Giveaway for Miinto which ended on 7/26.  You can shop on Miinto US  or Miinto UK for their local boutiques to update your look in a latest fashion trend. 

So, here is the winner: Danielle Villano 

Congratulations!!! Please send me an email and I will forward your voucher to you. 

 Have a good day. 

xoxo Rachel 

Street style- school friendly.

So happy to see my two girl friends from Canada and LA back in Taipei.  It is the second year that we send our kids to Chinese Summer Camp in Taiwan during summer vacation. Although we talk a lot on the phone in USA in daily basis but nothing is more exciting than meet them up in person, especially back in our hometown. 


Leggings, why not try a fancy leggings yourself this fall?

(left to right, up to bottom) Topshop, Helmut lang, Christopher kane for Topshop, LnA

xoxo Rachel 

20 July, 2012

Life Style: Brown rice bread bakery in Taipei.

Ever since I started Dr. Frank Lipman's detox diet, I finally realized my stomach is sensitive to "WHEAT". After I finished two weeks of detox drinks by Dr. Frank Lipman, I also learned that there are lots of food that I think they are healthy but they actually are not.  And that's the reason of no matter how much or how little I ate, my stomach hurts and I feel bloating after meals. 

Now Dr. Frank Lipman's eating choices becomes my guideline thus, mostly Gluten free diet.  I promote healthy eating and healthy life style to all my friends and I know some of them benefit from the same good result as me.  Still, there are other friends of mine joked that they think I am going to be starved in Taipei cause' it seems almost impossible to stick with a diet of no wheat, no egg, no milk diet. Obviously, they are so wrong. In fact, Asian diet is considered to be low fat, and low cholesterol thus healthier.  I even found a tasty brown-rice bread bakery in Taipei. Woo hoo~~

 Cheese and potatoes stuffed brown rice bread.

This bread looks like a pita bread to me. If you ever feel hungry, this one is enough to fill up your hunger and you might stuff more as you wish... chicken, lettuce, tomatoes.... make your own version of brown rice pita sandwich. (Gluten-free)!! 

 This brown rice bread with walnut is my favorite. Not only I love the dense and chewy texture but the smell of rich brown rice is also divine. 

Brown rice bread with raisins. ( I cut down my consumption of dried fruits as they are just not as raw and fresh and full of nutritious as fresh fruits.)

Enjoy a healthy diet and cleanse your body, you are what you eat after all.
xoxo Rachel 

Life Style: The Story of Cosmetics

For your health!!
Watch it and learn for your health.

xoxo Rachel 

19 July, 2012

Vincent's Foods and Drinks in Taipei

What's better than friends gather back together at our hometown, Taipei, while talk about our childhood memory?! I embrace life, and I embrace every bit of change in life, that is what makes us grow, doesn't it? 

Yesterday evening, Irene, Judy, and me tried French restaurant in a lighter/simpler version style in Taipei: Vincent's Foods and Drinks.  Everything is decent.  I even brought over a Champagne to celebrate Judy's upcoming birthday and the restaurant is kind enough that they didn't charge us the corkage fee. Read here about "What's the rules for bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant")

Happy birthday, Judy!!

We all had a prefix menu from appetizer, salad, entree', dessert and drinks. 
(The pork in appetizer tastes a bit bland to us.)

Appetizer (crunchy toast with cheese/butter spread)

Tomatoes thick oxtail soup 

One of the main course: FIsh



The abundant flower arrangement displayed in the restaurant really set our mood nicely. Details, that's everything for me. 

They even sell those Yummy jam in their restaurant so you can make your own version of hors d’oeuvres. Be creative!!  

Give this restaurant a try if you ever visit Taipei. 
xoxo Rachel 

17 July, 2012

Color Crush for Marni 2012

One thing I especially love about Marni's collection is the colors in every look are always vibrant every season.  This year, the luxe. fur, the yellow patent leather, the oriental brocade are making me want to venture to south pole already just so I can embrace myself in some warm clothes sooner. 

Marni edition 2011 printed top, Marni 2010 pants, Dries Von Noten 2012 runway coat, Marni 2012 suede plateform, Hermes Picotin 

Carven jacket 2012, Alexander Wang striped tank, Cotelac (link here) pin stripped shorts, Givenchy kitten heel sandals, Hermes Picotin 

Those pictures were taken when we strolled at Filoli Garden before the Taiwan trip.

Now I am currently traveling in Taipei and the weather is actually not as hot as we expected. Thanks to the rain that cools down the temperature.  ^O^

xoxo Rachel 

14 July, 2012

Miinto Shopping GIVEAWAY!!

I am glad that I can do another giveaway before I take off to Taipei on Sunday. Here is a new online shopping site that I recently discovered and I would love to share with you and all over the world. They will provide $31 gift card to one of my winning readers to spend on the shopping site. How sweet, don't you think?

Miinto UK launched last April and it has over 50 British fashion boutiques and over 700 brands available online for fashion lovers. Miinto UK follows the lead of Miinto Denmark and Miinto US both created with the same great concept of giving an online voice to local shops! The concept was created by two very young Danish guys (Mike and Konrad, both 25 y.o.) that made their dream come true in 2009 with the launch of Miinto DK. The Miinto crew is very young and excited for this project, they handle everything from customer service and marketing of photographic products for the shops. 

The concept of Miinto´s website is fresh and new: it collaborates with independent local boutiques from all over the country, providing them with an online base through which survive and compete with the giants in the fashion industry, which in turns helps promote and sustain the UK fashion economy. In recent London fashion weeks, we see how drastically London fashion bloomed and all the promising new designers awed all of us. 

The concept of collaboration of international shopping boutiques is twofold: First, they give independent shops the opportunity to be only without having to worry about website development and maintenance, it is done by professional and dedicated engineers. Second, by reaching consumers from all over the country, it gives shoppers the opportunity to shop 24/7 from their favorite British boutiques and reach more consumers who know or may not know there are so many existing brands and outstanding designers out there. (Of course, I'd love to shop unique brand name without worrying about bumping into the same look on the street.)

Isn't this awesome that fashion brands are so accessible through your fingers and just a clip away that you get what you want from all over the world while save your airline tickets!?!! Come and enter yourself in this giveaway and you will find there is so much more to explore on their website too. 




Here are the rules:
1. Follow me on Google or FB or here as usual. 
2. Go to their UK or US site as you like and browse through things that might catch your eyes.
3. Leave a comment on this post and tell me which items that you are interested. 
4. Keep finger crossed and we will randomly pick a winner on July 26th.

Summer should be fun and summer should be the time for shopping. 
Good luck.

xoxo Rachel 

11 July, 2012

Androgynous Look!

This post is actually Part II of the previous, "Be Versatile".  Like I said, I am glad sheer looks are taking up to anther notch this fall 2012 so is the androgynous look. I am not sure if I can even call it "recycled trends" from La Garçonne look since fashion does come back in its 10 years cycle or maneuvered by those designers who decide when and how to bring back certain trends or not. 

As a consumer, I am happy.  As long as I can pull out those clothes from my "previously-outdate, and past-season treasure boxes" and play mix-n'-match, adult dressing-up game, I wouldn't have problem buying new season's pieces while maximizing the usage of old pieces from my existing wardrobe.  Let's embrace Recycled Fashion!! ^O^

A. Wang, Acne, Suno (left to right) - photo taken from

By definition, today I am not wearing androgynous look since the hemlines is way over the knee but I just like how brown hue on pants can amplify with the green clutch profoundly. However, I do find couple of my past season looks which is close to that over-knee androgynous looks. Here is the original post: Head to toe impromptu!!  

Look from last year, now IN!!!

My today's look
free people bandeau, black/rose deep V sleeveless top, 3.1 Philip Lim insert trousers 2012, Hermes strap sandals 2012, Zara oversized clutch (past season), Marni floral horn necklace, Hermes white Collier De Chien bracelet, Chanel sunglasses, glass beads bracelet 

A Summer Pants that you can wear to the Fall.  


xoxo Rachel

Be Versatile.

The other day, I was talking to my hip hop teacher, Jessica Johnson (link here), about her personal style, on stage and off stage.  I mean, not only is she a great hip hop dancer, but she is a great Jazz singer, and a song writer. Pei and I actually went to her performance last Sat. and we enjoyed both her beautiful voice and the outside gym, off-stage charm of hers. 

Ah, my point, let's not go astray and get back to my topic: Personal style. Jessica's style is always classic and she carries it with her in performance and off-stage. She really wants to get out of her usual box and try different styles to be edgy, fun, sexy.... chic... Well, she got great body, she certainly has no problem to pull of any look other than being classic. As far as the style is concerned, we all love classic looks.  But life is just too immensely fruitful   to stick with one look only. 

It's not easy to get out your comfort zone in every situation, but once you muster up the courage, you not only learn how brave you could be but also you will appreciate life even more. So, be brave and be versatile!! ^O^

me and Jessica Johnson 


Me, Jessican Johnson and Pei. (At Hotel De Anza, Hedley Club Lounge) 

xoxo Rachel 

08 July, 2012

A perfect deconstructed pants ON SALE.

We all love a cool attitude that pants can achieve especially when the pants by no means elongate our legs.

A pants in perfect draped silhouette can be uber flattering even when we just wear flats. Who would want to look short and fat at lower half body, right??

 I was browsing Philip Lim pre-fall and fall looks and fall in love again with his strong cutting in blazers, sleek jackets, and tailored pants. For me, minimalist look is too plain, but I can always inject something like those piping pants, or deconstructed knits to make my look with more details. Glad I can still see those sheered see-through is utilized on his 2012 runway.  That little sexiness always make people wonder.... is that one piece or are they actually separated? 

(pic. taken from 2012 PF link here

2012 Fall (


Zara cropped sheer tank, Carven jacket 2012, 3.1 Philip Lim Panel trousers with Zipper ( similar link here ) (and here with pink fabric insert), Chanel 09' t-strap flat, Chanel 2012 yellow medium/large flap, yellow plastic belt, J Crew link necklace/bracelet 


Karen Walker tee (past season), Philip Lim Panel trousers with Zippers 

Love a summer pants which you can wear to fall.
xoxo Rachel 


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