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11 July, 2012

Androgynous Look!

This post is actually Part II of the previous, "Be Versatile".  Like I said, I am glad sheer looks are taking up to anther notch this fall 2012 so is the androgynous look. I am not sure if I can even call it "recycled trends" from La Garçonne look since fashion does come back in its 10 years cycle or maneuvered by those designers who decide when and how to bring back certain trends or not. 

As a consumer, I am happy.  As long as I can pull out those clothes from my "previously-outdate, and past-season treasure boxes" and play mix-n'-match, adult dressing-up game, I wouldn't have problem buying new season's pieces while maximizing the usage of old pieces from my existing wardrobe.  Let's embrace Recycled Fashion!! ^O^

A. Wang, Acne, Suno (left to right) - photo taken from

By definition, today I am not wearing androgynous look since the hemlines is way over the knee but I just like how brown hue on pants can amplify with the green clutch profoundly. However, I do find couple of my past season looks which is close to that over-knee androgynous looks. Here is the original post: Head to toe impromptu!!  

Look from last year, now IN!!!

My today's look
free people bandeau, black/rose deep V sleeveless top, 3.1 Philip Lim insert trousers 2012, Hermes strap sandals 2012, Zara oversized clutch (past season), Marni floral horn necklace, Hermes white Collier De Chien bracelet, Chanel sunglasses, glass beads bracelet 

A Summer Pants that you can wear to the Fall.  


xoxo Rachel

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