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19 July, 2012

Vincent's Foods and Drinks in Taipei

What's better than friends gather back together at our hometown, Taipei, while talk about our childhood memory?! I embrace life, and I embrace every bit of change in life, that is what makes us grow, doesn't it? 

Yesterday evening, Irene, Judy, and me tried French restaurant in a lighter/simpler version style in Taipei: Vincent's Foods and Drinks.  Everything is decent.  I even brought over a Champagne to celebrate Judy's upcoming birthday and the restaurant is kind enough that they didn't charge us the corkage fee. Read here about "What's the rules for bring your own bottle of wine to a restaurant")

Happy birthday, Judy!!

We all had a prefix menu from appetizer, salad, entree', dessert and drinks. 
(The pork in appetizer tastes a bit bland to us.)

Appetizer (crunchy toast with cheese/butter spread)

Tomatoes thick oxtail soup 

One of the main course: FIsh



The abundant flower arrangement displayed in the restaurant really set our mood nicely. Details, that's everything for me. 

They even sell those Yummy jam in their restaurant so you can make your own version of hors d’oeuvres. Be creative!!  

Give this restaurant a try if you ever visit Taipei. 
xoxo Rachel 


Michael St. James said...

I enjoy coming along on your travels Rachel. Have fun with your dear friends. That meal looks delish.

Rachel Cheng said...

Hey Mike: How are you? Will you be interested in visiting Taiwan? ^O^


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