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25 July, 2012

Street style- school friendly.

So happy to see my two girl friends from Canada and LA back in Taipei.  It is the second year that we send our kids to Chinese Summer Camp in Taiwan during summer vacation. Although we talk a lot on the phone in USA in daily basis but nothing is more exciting than meet them up in person, especially back in our hometown. 


Leggings, why not try a fancy leggings yourself this fall?

(left to right, up to bottom) Topshop, Helmut lang, Christopher kane for Topshop, LnA

xoxo Rachel 


Dana said...

Nothing better than getting together with the girls. Happy for you!
You look terrific!


Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Dana: Yes, when girl meet with girls, the chatting is almost non-stop. ^O^

You have a good day, girl.

xo Rachel


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