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31 July, 2012

Sense of Life.

Kids are so true to their emotions. Ilona makes everyone laugh when she is happy and we would cry for help when she becomes grumpy. At the end, she is still a happy girl. 
I am not sure where she gets the idea that carries a stick (umbrella) and walks laboriously is acting like an old woman. She is such a doll, so hilarious. As opposite to her, I sure am trying every possible way I can to stay young and fight the nature of aging. lol...



Unconditional asymmetrical sheered top, mini pleated skirt, I' Maxine (Taiwan local brand) metallic bronze patterned leggings, Cotelac' yellow straw fedora, Hermes Picotin, Joey Found (links here) custom-made crystals and spikes

If you want to be happy, be. - Leo Tolstoy 
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

ggshoe said...

So cute! Love your fun outfit!!


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