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31 July, 2012

Valentino Grin (Green)!!

Couple months ago I bought Valentino Garavani 50th anniversary rock studs loafer from Valentino boutique.  Its modest but intricate gold studs is paved around the low heels and on top of the shoes and those studded details are handsome enough to attract everyone's attention, not to mention it's super comfortable to walk in.    This capsule collection is limited and all designs remain the same delicacy from Valentino. When I was browsing the fashion magazine and enjoying a morning spa in Taipei, I surprisingly found this whole collection not only is reserved with Valentino's traditional sophisticated look but also a glimpse of fun with its prints and lace-insert on the dress. There are lots studs and animal prints on accessories as well that you shall get ready yourself to be a little wild this fall(animal prints again). Roar ~~~ 

The Valentino 50th anniversary capsule collection is just so me, me, me....... I am not a minimalist thus with such attention in mind: Most of the time, it is " The busier, the better" when dressing myself up!!  Who doesn't love those adorable yet mysterious black lace anyway?!!  Besides, green has been my color since the beginning of this year, and grateful as I am that it flatters my skin tone. Coincidently, I brought over two separated pieces of a black chiffon top and a cotton dress and had them altered to be ONE. Just like Valention's leopard-prints with black lace dress, I now have my own various green and black dress. Yes, it is so much cheaper to do the alternation in Asia and the seamstress is also willing to meet any of your "not-so-professional" design idea to make you happy. My new-from-old one piece dress costs me only $20.  Maximize your wardrobe doesn't mean that you have to wear past-season pieces over and over again, it means you can be as creative as a kid to make magic of your clothes. Now I have a new dress in printed GREEN as Valentino that I totally can wear in such a sultry weather in Taipei. (We have a typhoon coming towards us this week.)

The conclusion is I probably won't splurge myself in big bucks on this Valentino dress...oh, no, I definitely won't.  See, I am not as vain as it seems to be, I feel perfectly content in doing such small thing in life. 


How cute this illustration is. 

Ilona and I had a big grin on our face, we enjoy our back-home trip every inch of the walk here in Taipei. 

Fiona, me and Isabel. (picking up kids after their Chinese summer camp in Taiwan.) 

Top: Romeo & Juliet/Dress:Anthropologie (Now they are altered and sewed in one empire dress in over the knee length.)

Have fun with your crazy design ideas on your past season clothes. 
xoxo Rachel 

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Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Rachel, take care in Taipei!!! After Typhoon Vicente here in HK last week, we know how terrible it is!!!! Strongest typhoon that we had since the 90s!!! Love the Valentino capsule collection. I just wish I can wear short dresses!!! Just for me to drool....:) Enjoy the rest of your stay!



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