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27 December, 2011

After 15 hours straight no-sleep, still shopping in Amsterdam!!

Photos all look like postcards in Europe.  Don't you think so?

12/25 11 A.M. Arrival in Amsterdam

 Soap souvenior for my dearest friend, Cathy. 

Love the crisp air in the morning when it is actually not cold at all. 

There aren't many cute shops open on Christmas Day in Amsterdam but this is one still open and called "Leafde"!!

Everything displayed and sold in this store is so soothing that you almost want to change your life style. You want to burn bee wax candles, replace your plastic/metal containers to felt wool ones instead and basically, you would want to try to live with a sustainable life. lol.

{Jet lag.... so sleepy,.... no... I can't go to sleep yet..... lol..}

Can you tell I didn't sleep for 20 hours straight already?!!!

After a walk of 1 hour, we are so ready for our first meal/lunch in Amsterdam... "Nooch" an Asia Fusion restaurant. lol... What can I say, travel with kids, the best bet to make sure they eat and replenished with enough nutrition before big adventure is let them eat something familiar and something from home. ^O^

 {Ilona is always grumpy...}

Inside setting of Nooch... cozy and exotic... lol...

My super "wake-up" drink anytime!!

Another life style shops "Fair Fair".

 Ah, bed? no, Sofa, whatever, .....again... jet lag... no, I can't sleep just yet!! @_@

You would want to go up and down in this 2 levels shops to make sure that you didn't miss anything cute. 

We wouldn't say we have been to Amsterdam if we didn't pay a visit on Wallen (Red light district). 



A good eats located in Wallen. 




Bombino Coffee... love the sweet taste from caramel. 

Blood street... 




...... jeg lag... but I can't sleep... now out and hunt for fun!! 

See you in Barcelona
xoxo Rachel 


Pink Snapper said...

Looks like fun!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What fabulous shops!! And no, you totally don't look like you haven't had much sleep recently, you look fresh and beautiful, as always! Have fun in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities, aww :))) And Merry Belated Xmas and Happy Upcoming New Year to you and your family! xo

Mummy Moon said...

Enjoy your shopping!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls. We family are having rolls of fun already ^O^.


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