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Yesterday my girl friends and I had a wonderful afternoon in an intimate private cocktail party at Los Altos. It is a warm-up celebration for the launch of a newly established shopping website:   And a fashion blogger, Anh ( forwarded this fabulous gathering to me, invited me and i am thrilled to finally meet her. (Oh, yeah, she is kind of a celebrity in the blogshpere, isn't she?) 

Beatrice, who is CEO and funder of Modewalk and the curator, Indre Rockefeller, are all there in the party. Their merchandise selection for arrays from luxurious and small designers' RTW to accessories made in France are all so chic and covetable.  And just like they emphasized, they bring back the exclusive items from Paris and make that wonderful shopping experience once again except this time it is within our reach instantly. 


 3 fashion bloggers left to right: Anh, Erin ( and Rachel (Moi) 

Some merchandize on

I want two of these so I can be "WONDER WOMAN". 


Ancient Dolce & Gabbana lace-bra black sheath,  Iosselliani fringe bib necklace (similar and on sale at , both bangles, Charlotte Olympia cat face wedge platform. 

Nothing is better than having a good time with my gals..... 

Thank you (Nilofer) for opening her cozy house for this event.

Have a good rest on Sunday.
xoxo Rachel  


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous outfit! I love it.

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