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06 December, 2011

Time for some FUR action!!

The weather is certainly nice at this time in San Francisco. I am not sure if we are used to the chilly weather or it is because we family travel to even cooler places in Europe at this time of the year that our body is no longer easily get chilly goose bump anymore.  

Thats' good thing, right? I realize my children seldom catch any cold and even they do, they recover fast!!! Their immune system is certainly robust!! 

Our Europe trip to Amsterdam and Spain is all set to go and we will stay 2 nights in Amsterdam and meet a new family there before we en-route to Barcelona. There we rent an apartment and we'd love to feel the city vibe as a local if we may.  {If you are familiar with Barcelona, will you give me some pointers before we travel. Thanks a lot!}

This Chanel rabbit fur boots was bought last year and it is very comfortable for its rubber sole, but probably isn't a good idea to take with me to Europe... the other Diesel boots with same rubber sole and shearling fur might be a better choice. (See the Look here

Aqua by aqua orange She-Ra body suit
Shui Chen New York cowl neck wool vest with contrasting leather trim
Chanel 10' navy full mini skirt 
Chanel 10' wool checker and rabbit fur tall boots
Alaia laser cut red tote 
Marni horned flower necklace 

Start looking out for fur pieces, will you?
xoxo Rachel 

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