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09 December, 2011

All Year Around Wardrobe!!

In California, we really just need to rotate wearing our wardrobe as we pretty much need all of them all year around!! Well, sort of, I mean, as long as you layer them smartly!! 

That also being said, we should feel pretty good about living in California because we also need new clothes to keep our looks fresh while doing the rotation with our old wardrobe. {That's right, pour us with the cruise and spring 2012 collection, please~~}  

Don't you always want to find something new and keep the excitement in life?? 


Watson tan Cape (still available in store and online)
Ralph Lauren camel turtleneck 
Helmut Lang asymmetrical cut tonic/dress
Y-3 gray leggings 
leather collar with beads (similar here and here
Celine tote 
Prada minimalist sunglasses 11' 
Givenchy wedge ankle boots with chain 09' 

Turtleneck is a must for fall and winter layering, you can stock up a whole rainbow color for yourself. {And you can thank me later~}

What's your favorite past-season piece in your wardrobe? 
Work it into this winter!
xoxo Rachel 


James Michael White said...

LOVE the cape and it's actually affordable. That beaded leather collar is fabulous too.

Savvy Gal said...

you just reminded me i have a celine tote i can bring out to use. forgot about it. : D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Omg, love the look! Really like these gay leggings with your camel colored coat.

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you guy and girls. ^O^

I hope you have a very happy holidays!!

xo Rachel


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