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14 November, 2011

Pour me snow!!

For sure I am bringing these down babies with me when we family visiting Amsterdam and Barcelona during Christmas 2011 and new year 2012. {My, did I just say that, 2012~~ Ah, I can't believe it..., what did I achieve in 2011? Anything? lol..}  

I purchased Mackage down jacket with a huge hood last weekend for our coming up Europe trip and absolutely love it!!! The weight, the design and the quality is beyond my expectation!! 

Again, let's start with the basics!! For some reasons, I like to do layering on upper body and leave my legs chilled!! ^O^

Bailey 44 black ruched tee, Shui Chen cowl neck wool bias-cut vest with leather firm, printed shorts, Burberry down puffer vest with fox fur trim, and printed tights, Diesel boots 

Mackage down jacket 

I think I am so ready for winter!!

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xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

What a fun and daring outfit!

LOVE it!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, dear. I hope all the layers is enough for me to conquer the chill in Amsterdam. ^O^

Mona P said...

Awesome! When are you off to Amsterdam?

Never been there! Hope you'll keep blogging from there as well!

pixelhazard said...

Oh those shorts are soo cute!

Bright Green Laces

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mona, we actually just enroute from Amsterdam for 2 days. Our destination is Barcelona for 7 days. I hope we get to see as much as we can since mostly people say they can't even scratch the surface just by visiting there for a week....... wow~~

xo Rachel

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Pixelhazard. ^O^ has tons of those cute shorts.
xo Rachel

Shinta G said...

hi, looking good! may i know what style of mackage is this jacket? im debating between the long ones and shorter ones. im 5 3" so i was thinking i maybe able to wear the shorter style over my dress n tights, ur thoughts will be appreciated!xo

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Shinta G:

All I can tell is the bar code number: 806155416921
ACE-D in black!!
This one has knit trim on both cuff and hood!! I am 5' 7" 1/2 so maybe it will be like a long coat over you but the skirt/umbrella part is really feminine. ^O^
Good luck and hope you find it!
xo Rachel


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