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03 November, 2011

Buone feste!!! (Happy Holidays!)

If you want to anchor a look, better try it couple times and make sure it is fail-proof before you carry the look out!! 

Accessories never play such a big part in Fashion and I almost feel the necessity to throw myself on more than just a pair of earrings when going out. Well, it must also be the holiday season and the festival mood make me want to dress up everything from my wardrobe to my house. Isabel showed me how she plays with her Mickael Kors oversized woman watch the other day and I thought it is fun to share with you all. 

Necklace and Jaguar bracelet both Iosselliani. 

[The necklace seems to be a perfect match with the mustard tan dress in color wise! 
(Right) Isabel's Jaquar bracelet found its perfect matches with Hermes bracelet and the yellow skinny belt.}

With J Crew necklace and Hermes Twilly. {Both from Isabel's own pieces.}

My holiday plates from Vietri and signed by the founder's signature and holiday greetings. 

Holiday make-up!! (pic. source:Glamour)

Stay with the basic color palette will only make you a stunner!!! 
xoxo Rachel 

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