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10 November, 2011

Winter Lace!!

No one would disagree with me that why we can't wear lace in the winter time, right? As long as you layer it right, it adds another dimensional feminine flair to any outfit.  

This is today's basic piece: 
Ancient Earl Jean lace tulle top {Does this brand even exist still?}, BCBG Max Azure necklace, reclaimed mink pom pom with sapphire white gold earring 

This morning I was over the top as I was expecting a package from a friend, Shui Chen, from her 2011 fall collection. I purchased a Cowl neck knit vest with leather trim and I have anticipated it since last week to arrive to complete my outfit of the day!! {So, before it gets here, I had a running nose but resisted to put on any layer that wouldn't seem to perfectly fit.}

This is the look when you zip up the vest!
{ps. I bought size s which is slightly bigger than my usual size cause' i like to wear it as a vest coat.}

{Yes, I insisted on wearing that BCBG necklace even you can't see its whole design underneath the vest. But remember, it's all about the layering .. something peeking through. ^^}

My complete ODJ
Earl Jean lace tulle top, Shui Chen cowl neck knit vest, Agnes' b homme pants (altered to be tapered legs and add two tuxedo stripes at sides), Chanel 08' gray jumbo classic, Manolo Blahnik embossed snake sandals, Prada minimalist sunglasses 11' 

I love the metallic sheen and structured fabric of this ancient Agnes b' man collection's pants when I bought it. I had it altered more than three times over the past 10 years to update its look however I want!!!! 

Tuxedo pants meets feminine lace and soft knit = perfect balance of macho and feminine!! 

Have you tried the look of Tuxedo pants in winter time yet?
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Love the "rough" look of the necklace and the versatility of the cowlneck vest!

Have a great weekend!

James Michael White said...

LOVE those pants! Btw, that studded evening bag is actually Versace for H&M. I was just commenting on the fact that the varying studs have been used by Miu Miu before. Sorry for the confusion. Have a great weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, thanks Mona. Pei gifted that necklace on my birthday. Very unique and very tribute... You also should check out the vest. Such a great statement piece in small price.

xo Rachel


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