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30 November, 2011

Hot Pink for Cruise n' Holiday Velvet Crush!!

Cruise yet? 

Nay, just for the fun of wearing a pop color in my outfit! Since hot pink is looking so hot in this time of the year, I am bearing the chill with this ribbon sandals!! ^O^ Love the vibrant combination of orange and pink since this spring/summer and at the mean time, why not take the sheer trend all the way to winter. 

Here we go~


Sheered spagetti straps tank, Ralph Lauren knitting cardigan, Wool and Silk reversible Elisabeth n' James cardigan with belt (11'), Marni dusty pink cropped pants, B Brian Atwood sandals, Hermes Gris T. Birkin, Hermes Scarf 11', Tom Bin 14K safety pin necklace, wooden crazy dog n' beads necklace 

These days I received tons of compliments about how fun my ensembles looks and I hope you feel the same way!! 

The saddle~ 

Reversa cardigan ~ 

Ditch the black and have a color fun with your winter outfit.
xoxo Rachel 


sanaa London said...

all so beautiful Rachel, the pictures should appear in Vogue!! lovely!

litlstrawberry said...

Ha, Sanna: you are so sweet. YOu know, just because I know there is at least ONE person reading my blog, that 's enough motivation for me to keep posting. ^O^ Thanks, dear.
xo Rachel

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Sanna, I am sorry that I accidentally deleted your comment... so here it is..hah..

From Sanna London:
Yes, I love reading your blog!!! I requested this from you before , please when you can, do your skincare tips or what beauty products you are using. your skin is perfect. thanks Sanaa xx

I will see if next week I can have a post about my skin regime again... ^O^

xo Rachel

sanaa London said...

hoorah! thanks Rachel!


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