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09 November, 2011

The Master of Layering!!

We 4 girls are going to Vegas next week but one of us is missing from this trip!! What a bummer!!! We probably will plan another Europe trip just to make up to "HER"!! {Hopefully, our hubbies won't want a divorce...^O^}

 I am going to do a Shopbop GC giveaway by this weekend and it probably will carry on all the way till 11/22 the day after my Vegas trip. So please bear with me for couple more days. Meanwhile, since you guys like the break down tutorial of layering, here I did it again. Personally, I think it is fun for me as I can really see how many pieces I put on myself whether will it be an extra gloves or two layers of skirts or pants, the purpose is to keep ourselves warm as well as looking fresh in all the layers and colors, eh??!

Basic piece: Orange Hugo Boss plum turtle neck {yes, it is time to pull out your turtle neck.}, J Crew Cafe Capri {online is having 20% off today code : STAYWARM }, J Crew patent green belt, gray textured socks, Marni platform heels  
{The funny thing is if I go out like this, i'd feel that I didn't wear clothes at all... I'd want to grab a scarf, a shawl, ... just something... anything...with me! But if I want to look sexy, one piece dress is too much... what's the mentality? }

Marni gold tunic dress 

{I actually tried to wear the back to the front as it really is more intricate at the back.}

A bright yellow ruffle scarf which I just throw it on to pick up the yellow tone on my pants. 

Marni horned-flower pendant necklace, Bottega Veneta cashmere fingerless fishnet gloves 

Ah ha~~~ another layer of knit gloves... my hands are really warm by now!! 

It is time to tote around my ancient Lanvin leopard happy tote.

My complete look of the day!!

Dressing yourself up is like cooking a dish, you have to put layers of clothes like the way you put each ingredients accordingly into the pot and season the taste little by little. 

No layers, no fun, thus tasteless!!! 
xoxo Rachel 


VIVIENNE said...

love the pants!

James Michael White said...

Your highlights look so pretty Rachel. I enjoy your layering stories.


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