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29 December, 2009

The Past .......... Fashion Fade, Style Stayed!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays!! And received whatever in your wish-list!!! :)

This year, I eliminate all the hassle doing cooking, hosting a party and just have a dinner w/ a small family of our own on Christmas' eve for once. Therefore, other than couple visits of friends, couple hot pot dinners w/ two lovely family, and a big get-back-together dinner w/ long-time-no-see friends, we family has been busy celebrating ourselves, literally.

Speaking of Christmas gift, I am still waiting for MINE to come. I don't know if I should have it now or save it for big in the future. And you know, if you want to save for something big or more meaningful, sometimes, you know how rational you could be!!! ^O^

Here are couple looks of me during holidays. They are not exactly HOLIDAY LOOKs but I know I'd carry those styles of me forever!

I always add a shrug over sleeveless dress to keep me warm.

I was wondering how many people would separate spring/summer clothes from fall/winter apparel. Maybe only those made by "WOOL".  

Most of us probably hang/store all the clothes in ONE closet other than a separated one. Of course, we divide all the clothes but probably not necessarily categorize them in a fashion of summer or winter clothes. Well, at least, I don't!!

1. Top:
Linda loudermilk organic organza dress 
Lerario Beatriz washed wool vest
2. Bottoom:
black wool leggings w/ buttons (bought at Paris)
3. Accessory:
Fellon brass cross/crystals necklace
Alexander Wang Coco duffel leather bag in Gray
4. Shoes: Matiko gray suede cut-out sandal heels

That's not it, a wool vest would update so-much-of-a-summer dress look to a proper winter ensemble.

As usual, after Christmas, I would go out and hunt for cute ornaments for next year!!! Now I think I have collected at last 140 ornaments and most of them are silver, golden, metallic green, and metallic purple. 

I really like my friend's, Yu, Christmas tree as well.  It is decorated in adorable animals in knitting, or plastic or polyester material.  (Oh, definitely a kids friendly Christmas tree.)  

Couple more of my friends got a Christmas trees for themselves from floor sample sale. Geez, they are brilliant, I mean, how many people would think of getting a great deal by buying floor sample tree after Christmas!! ^O^

I think I might be able to hold a Christmas tree contests next year!!! :) 

We bought those balloons off the street at SFcity. 
Ilona insisted the artist making her a red dog...then I realized she likes Clifford, the big red dog cartoon!! :)


Abby got herself the giant pink lotus!!!

I wasn't in a mood of playing style so I simply put on everything seems to work. 

1. Top: 
Orange boss mustard turtleneck
Kate Spade black cropped jacket
2. Bottom:
Max&Co. tweed shorts
3. Accessory:
brown wool tights w/ red links
Chanel pearls w/ rhinestones
4. Shoes: Miu Miu gemstones cracked metallic silver flat

I didn't score anything big after Christmas. Besides, when we arrive in SF city on 26th, it was already 2 PM. My friend, Yu, laughed at me saying that I probably would "pick up some left-over" if I am lucky!! haha... indeed!!! "Left-over"!! 

Finally, it is today's outfit! I am not in a mood of shopping anymore...than my other friend, Isabel, teased me again, she said: "I see, you are saving for spring/summer now."  :P 

Yes, Haute-girl, Christmas still is kids' favorite!!!!

My friend, Sally, came to my house to hang out and she took couple photos for me. 
Finally I had the time and mood to update my blog!! :)

My ODJ. 

 Don't we just luuuurve a dress w/ pockets!!

1. Top:
millau (It is safe to say this dress is an inspiration.) nude dress w/ pockets
Plastic Island boyfriend blazer
2. Bottom: polyester leggings
3. Accessory: 
H&M floral scarf
Cartier lucky clover charm on bracelet
Faberge enamel cross necklace
4. Shoes: Christian Louboutin simple pump in nude

Nowadays there are lots of nice tailored clothes made by non-designers (we girls call it A-list copycat). :P

I was searching for a nude dress and then I came across this one in union st. at SF city. I forgot the name of the stores but they sure have so many inspired look of street chic stuff and from A. Wang!!  I definitely should go back and check it out!! :)

What's your new year's resolution?!!!!

25 December, 2009

Merry Christmas to All My Dearest Friends!!!!

The Day BEFORE Christmas!!! 

All Quiet!

I didn't buy all these gifts, ...... it turns out our friends, neighbors give Niel, Abby, and Ilona lots of Christmas gifts!!

Ilona is the happiest girl at this moment, we bought a new little Mermaid-Ariel trike for her to ride around the house after DH broke one couple months ago!! :P

Merry Christmas to all my friends, neighbors, and dearest blog readers!!!! I love you all! ^^

23 December, 2009

Shopping w/ Proenza Schouler Platform Cap Toe Pump and 3 kids!!


Nah ~, 
you probably think that would be pain in the a** when go shopping w/ 3 young kids and wearing HIGH HEELS like MY Proenza Schouler pump!!

In fact, for me, it is a very special bounding time w/ my kids during holidays!! 

I like to brain-wash them by telling that they need to be extremely behaved when they are only w/ me, o.w. MOI would be exhausted and couldn't be able to cook for dad for dinner!!!! I told them that they don't want to see Dad gets really starving and be mad at us!! :P

Most of the time my kids would understand and really follow my rules! :) Besides, these days, I can always use Santa to watch my back. hahahah..... They sure don't want Santa get MAD!! :P

Ilona still acts like a baby every time I held her!!!

A nice sunny day shopping w/ kids!!

Thanks Niel for taking pic. for us. 
You know, this dress is shapeless but somehow just because of its relaxed cutting, it always add a touch of feminine to the look.


1. Top:
  • RUGBY black turtleneck w/ should patches on sale for $49.99
  • TSE coral wrap dress
2. Bottom: Dolce Vita cotton denim leggings 
3. Accessory:
  • Lanvin leopard happy sac 08'
  • black onyx ring 
  • Designer friend, Elfi Altendor: Africa white turquoise w/ silver beads necklace 
Shoes:  09' fall runway Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels

I am never interested in denim leggings...until I saw this pair. 

This pair is more like a denim pants on me (maybe I should get size xs? instead?!) and w/ that 2 cuts around knee, I had to get it right away.  Besides, I bought them on for only $48!! ^O^

 Just another fun thing to add in my wardrobe w/o the guilt!!

What's your best score or your best buy of this year??!!!


22 December, 2009

Holiday Shopping Outfit!!! Have Some Fun, Should We?!!

It is almost always a hassle to shop for Christmas gifts ......... I shop all year around so it is easier for me to spot a better deal. However, most of people work, so they have to depend on the black day sale or the Christmas sale to score big. Either way, shopping is just too much fun to skip it!! :)

I wore couple fun outfits when I do my shopping. Here I share them w/ you!!

Got Stripes!?

1. Top:
  • Y-3 for Adidas white shirt
  • Zara striped blazer (last year)
  • Elisabeth and James black tuxedo vest (last season)
2. Bottom: 
  • black high waist shorts
  • Y-3 for Adidas leggings w/ 3 stripes at calves
3. Shoes: YSL runway 09' elastic heels
4. Accessory: 
  • Alexander Wang Gray leather Coco Duffel bag 09' 
  • Sonia Rykiel Swarovski Owl brooch 08' (as necklace, bought at Paris last year)

Happy Holidays!! Have you done shopping yet? :)

The look of the stripes! (I was at Zara store in SF city on Sunday.)

My friend, Yu and I have quite instinctive style from each other but I notice that we always wear something in common .... hum.... interesting!! ^O^ Today, we both had SKIRT on!!!!

Kids are having a great time wherever .... :) literally, they keep each other amused!!! 

While we moms have our style, our kids do too!! 
Yu's daughter has the cuties face w/ that hat on! 

Outfit of the day!!


1. Top:
  • Zara gray t-shirt w/ shoulder embroidery
  • Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo asymmetrical blazer
2. Bottom: IRoo hot pink bubble skirt (bought in Taiwan in summer)
3. Accessory:
  • Hue charcoal tights
  • Fellon cross w/ crystals brass necklace
  • Alexander Wang Gray Coco Duffel bag 09'
4. Shoes: zebra print w/ bow flat (bought in Taiwan in summer)


Yu's ODJ. She got whatever in her wardrobe today w/ her new Hermes' Lindy bought at Paris this summer!!

You know other than SKIRT, what else do we have in common for our outfit of the day!!??? 

The answer is: THE POP OF some COLOR!!! ^O^

This is my new zara t-shirt!!

Hope you are having some fun shopping this week too!!!!
I am so buying myself a nice coffee machine AFTER X'mas!! :)

21 December, 2009

First Holiday Outfit!! A Look of Whatever in my wardrobe!!!!

Update 1: I gave Ann that tartan cardigan bought at Anthropologies shown on previous post. I hope she would LOVE it!

Update 2: I am so in the holiday mode that I just want to spend time w/ friends, and family, therefore, I don't have mood to cook at all. :P (Better do some grocery shopping on Monday.)

A wreath of pop-corn!! (Taken at Union st. at SF city)

Update 3: I got inspired by the look of leg warmers so I did another look. 

I wore this to our first holiday party at friend's home. Sequins and leg warmers are accessories I plan to include in my outfit.....

Viola ~ ~

Disco Diva Outfit!

1. Top: 
Alice + Olivia striped sequins T-shirt
Alice + Olivia denim cropped n' ruched sleeves jacket
2. Bottom: 
RUGBY white silk ruffle dress
3. Accessory:
Sparkling tights bought at Paris
black leg warmers 
Earrings (a gift from Irene)

Chanel black caviar mini flap
4. Shoes: Sergio Rossi red heels w/ buckles

 Holiday is for feast!!

Have a great holidays!!!

15 December, 2009

Winter White Glamor AND The Prettiest Christmas Tree ... w/ Christmas Gifts!!!

The YEAR OF 2009 is almost GONE!!

I always wear WHITE during winter season and just in time I had an inspiration from Chanel 09' look. 

Skip the poncho, otherwise you will be a COPY CAT!! JK! :P

The key is to have a white sweater/sweater dress, a pair of WHITE hosiery and leg warmers which I got them couple seasons back and never thought of pairing them together until today!

I like to wear things my unique way...... Oh, yes, my personal style!!! ^O^


 1. Top: 
  • Earl Jean chain-link shirt
  • MNG white crew neck sweater
2. Bottom:  Orange Boss mini white jean skirt

 3. Accessory:
  •  Erickson Beamon for Target necklace n' earrings
  • BR distressed silver studs belt
  • White patterned hosiery (bought at Anthro. last season)
  • Beige color leg warmer (bought couple years ago)
  • Chanel 09' distressed white reissue 227 
4. Shoes: Orange Boss two-toned mary-jane heels

I am so glad that I thought of this Erickson Beamon for Target necklace n' earrings this morning, and those clear/crystal accessories are a big thing for 2010 s/s runway as well.

All the pieces I kept for years and they are my classic in my wardrobe!!

Cathy and I went to Y-3 and I bought some pieces for DH as Christmas gift. They are having 30% off sale. 

Cathy bought their signature RED sneakers, while I also got a white shirt for $54 (classic look forever) and a very cool legging w/ 3 Adidas signature strips at back of the calves!!!!! lol

We all love what Cathy did for her hair....braids!! :)

After our kids messed around at Y-3 store, we were off to Anthropologies!! Oh, the SA in Y-3 are very nice and they didn't give us white eye balls for our kids messing around ... hha.....

r - for me, Rachel ; s - for DH, Santo!!
But I didn't buy them...hahahaha.....  (30% off for $6 each, I bought for my friend instead.)

 I prepared a little gift bag for my friend, Ann, who gave birth to her 2nd daughter one month ago and had her birthday couple days ago!! :) M is for her DH!!

Cathy and I were playing w/ those cute hair pins.... i love them but never really wear them!! 
I put them all back to shelf after done playing! :P

For our age, enough is enough!!  Isn't Blair who eventually takes off her hair-band in the show to show that she is grown-up!!! :) Enjoy them while you can!!

Next.....then I saw this cropped cardigan and I can't get my hands off her. I love the color, the tartan style, and the intriguing embroidery.

This is such a cute cardigan and if you keep it well, it will be a classic piece in your wardrobe!!

I am thinking of giving this cardigan to Ann for her birthday gift.....oh, should I...cause' I like it so much myself too!!!! Oh...... would you want something like this for your birthday??!!!:)

The embroidery is so dedicate.  This cardigan would not need to do style at all, it yells out style for everyone who simply wears it!!!

Then we went back to our still need their nap and I get to have time to blog about EVERYTHING!! :P I start wrapping gifts for DH, DD, DS and for friends as well. I suddenly realized that our Christmas tree need "PRESENTS" underneath, otherwise, it wouldn't be a Christmas Tree at all!!

I like the bird on the tree ornaments which would give the tree a little look of being alive!!

The star beings to tarnish but I think it gives a nostalgic whimsical look to the tree!

A Reindeer in the blow-glass!

I have couple more angels on our Christmas tree as well.

Just a thought, I read about "YES or NO on recycling gifts" on Simple magazine this month,  I must agree that I DON'T like receiving nor giving recycled gifts at all. 
Well, one exception, if you think I can't tell it is gifted by someone else to you, or you tell me frankly that it is something that I might LIKE even it is gifted by someone else!!!!

Come on, people can tell if it is a gift from your heart or not!!!............... :)

It seems there is not enough Christmas gifts yet.......oh, MINE is all missing!! ho ho ho........ :P

Oh, gotta go wrap some more gifts for our gift exchange party!! :)


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